We understand that commercial pest management is a complex subject with differing environments. Pest activity in sensitive areas can have a profound impact on employee health and welfare; with commercial pest management… Read more

  • How to get rid of ants.

    How to get rid of ants.

    Have you noticed the seasons are changing? Here on the Sunshine Coast, we need to pay particular attention to how the seasons impact our homes and the pests that come with these seasons. As the weather warms up, one… Read more

  • Rodent Pest Control

    Rodent Pest Control

    Rodent Pest Control can be a difficult one to take care of yourself. Rats and mice prefer warmth over cold and it can be difficult to keep them out of your home. Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime… Read more

  • Bed Bug Pest Control

    Bed Bug Pest Control

    Bed Bug Pest Control is certainly something you should think about. You may find signs of infestation in your home near or inside beds and bedding or other sleep areas. Diagnosis of an infestation involves both finding… Read more

  • Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    When it comes to pest control Sunshine Coast, we want to ensure that all properties including residential, commercial and industrial spaces are free from pests. Through the Safeguard Pest Control services, we offer… Read more


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