• How to get rid of Pantry Pests

    How to get rid of Pantry Pests

    Have you noticed every now and then you have an influx of moths in your pantry then wondered how to get rid of pantry pests? Dealing with an infestation of pantry pests on your own can be frustrating even when you… Read more

  • Cockroach Eradication 

    Cockroach Eradication 

    The warmer months are here and all the animal kingdom are breeding. Cockroach eradication on the Sunshine Coast is something that needs to be looked at if you value your home and contents, not mention your family… Read more

  • How to Protect your home from Flies

    How to Protect your home from Flies

    House flies, there aren’t too many complimentary things we can say about them; so how can you protect your home from flies? Anywhere there is a supply of food, water and somewhere to nest, is an ideal habitat all… Read more

  • Rodent Prevention

    Rodent Prevention

    Have you looked at rodent prevention for your home? Spring is here and animals are breeding rapidly – especially rodents. Rodents are mammals characterised by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in… Read more

  • Termite Prevention

    Termite Prevention

    Protection or precaution is the most effective form of termite protection in any instance. Homeowners regard their property as their single biggest investment, however most people are unaware that most insurance… Read more


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