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7 Tips for Mosquito Control in Your Home

There are more than 3,000 different species of mosquitos in the world. As one of the most common pests, it’s difficult to find anywhere that is safe from mosquitos. This makes mosquito control and pest prevention a vital thing to focus on, especially during the summer.

If you’ve been concerned about mosquito prevention, we’re here to help. Here are seven excellent tips on how to control the mosquitos swarming your yard when the weather turns warm.

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

One of the biggest attractions for mosquitos is still water. Mosquitos use still and stagnant water as a breeding ground. If you’ve ever seen a retention pond or a lake during the summer brimming with mosquitos, you’ve seen the swarm that still water can attract.

If you have pools of stagnant water – birdbaths, still fountains, or untreated swimming pools – consider stirring it up. Adding in something to keep the water moving can keep mosquitos from being able to use these areas as breeding grounds. This will immediately cut down on how many mosquitos you find near your home.

The second option is to simply remove the water altogether, which may not always be possible or desired. However, with the water removed, there won’t be anywhere for the mosquitos to spawn as easily. Consider removing still water one way or another to keep mosquitos away.

2. Keep the Air Moving

Mosquitos are extremely small and vulnerable to air currents. That means that one of the many ways you can keep them away is delightfully simple. If you keep the air moving, especially at ground level, you’ll find fewer mosquitos able to come around.

One of the most common places for mosquitos to bite is on exposed skin on the legs. You can keep a large portion of mosquitos away simply by placing fans at ground level to keep the air moving and mosquitos disoriented.

This has the added effect of keeping your outdoor areas cool, especially in the summer. Consider adding a few fans to help with mosquito prevention.

3. Reduce Shade Where Possible

One of the most annoying things about mosquitos is that they often take over the shade that you’re seeking out. This is especially bothersome when you’re trying to escape the heat only to find yourself swarmed by pests.

Mosquitos love the shade, making it one of the first things you should look at removing. You can battle mosquitos by limiting or outright removing shade. This could be from cutting trees and hedges, removing large umbrellas, or any other source of shade.

4. Treat Small Pools of Water

If you’ve decided that you want to keep your pools of water around, there are still options on how to lessen it. Most swimming pools, for example, are unlikely to be a home for mosquitos. This is because a treated swimming pool is filled with chemicals that mosquitos can’t survive.

Because of this, you can fight off mosquitos by treating any small pools of still water. If you have a fountain that you don’t want to remove, treating it with proper, safe chemicals. While this can’t be done with all pools of water, it’s another option you can consider if you want to keep your still water around.

5. Fill Ponds With Fish

Some bodies of water can be filled with natural predators for mosquitos. Still water in a pond or a lake will attract mosquitos, but the water will often be home to many types of fish. These fish will usually eat the mosquitos and their larvae, helping to reduce numbers.

If you have a large pond of untreated water, consider turning it into a habitat for fish. While this won’t remove all mosquitos, it will add another measure to keep them down. With other pest prevention measures put in, this will help greatly to keep mosquitos away.

6. Work Together With Neighbors

If you live in a community, you will likely want to work together with your neighbors to keep mosquitos away. For example, we mentioned above the need to remove shade – that may mean that a conversation with your neighbor about trimming a tree in their yard could keep mosquitos down.

Mosquitos won’t simply remain in the yard they originate in. If your neighbor has a large amount of still water that’s churning out mosquitos, they’re likely to end up in your yard. Consider working with the people around you to help implement as many pest control measures as possible to keep mosquitos away.

7. Remove Still and Stagnant Items

Water won’t only be in the areas you expect it to rest. Look around your yard and find other places where water may have pooled without you intending it to. If you have a cluttered yard, it’s important to do some maintenance to knock mosquitos away.

A tarp over a stack of firewood may trap rainwater in the folds, for example. This water can quickly become a haven for mosquitos or other pests. There may also be yard equipment such as wheelbarrows or other tools that can trap water.

You should also look around for any toys or play equipment that any kids would use in your yard. Sandboxes and toys used for them can trap rainwater, for example. Do some yard maintenance to keep things tidy and unfriendly to pests.

Keeping up With Mosquito Control

Mosquito control is a full-time job when the summer comes around. Your least favorite pests are easy enough to push away with some preparation and yard maintenance. If you put your mind to it, you can make mosquito bites a thing of the past with the proper pest prevention.

If you have any further questions about mosquito prevention, feel free to contact us. Our informative site is a great place to start for more topics on pest damage and control.

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    Mosquitoes are really a big problem. Mosquito bites can cause Malaria, Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever like harmful diseases. Mosquito pest control is the foremost way to eliminate these blood-sucking insects.
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