Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Pest Control is certainly something you should think about. You may find signs of infestation in your home near or inside beds and bedding or other sleep areas. Diagnosis of an infestation involves both finding bed bugs and taking measures to eliminate the infestation with specialist bed bug pest control treatment. Because infestation of human habitats has begun to increase, bed bug bites and related conditions have been on the rise and they usually feed on their hosts without being noticed.

Bed bugs are mostly active at night, but are not exclusively nocturnal and a number of adverse health effects may result from bed bug bites, including skin irritations and allergic symptoms. Though humans are the preferred host they have also been found on domestic cats and dogs. As well as live hosts bed bugs can be found These places can vary greatly in format, including luggage, inside of vehicles, within furniture, amongst bedside clutter—even inside electrical sockets and nearby laptop computers. Bed bugs can exist singly, but are also capable of surviving in clusters.

At Safeguard, we take bed bug pest control seriously and have a number of effective ways to eradicate an infestation from your home. We will inspect your home, perform the proper identification and recommend a course of control and extermination. We pride ourselves on great customer service which is why we ensure our products are safe for the environment and our clients. Our bio-degradable products are non-toxic and extremely safe around children, allergy sufferers, pregnant mothers, animals and even outdoor plants. Our fully trained and licensed staff will identify, eradicate your infestation.

With our bed bug pest control, your home will be made secure by safe, biodegradable treatments. Keeping your house pest free is our highest priority which is why our bed bug pest control program is shaped specifically to protect your home from further infestation. Control the pests before they take control of your house, enquire today with our experienced Safeguard Pest Control team about using a professional program suited to your needs.

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