How To Choose The Best Termite Company

How To Choose The Best Termite Company?

The termites are considered the most destructive and invasive insects in the world and they are causing worldwide damage worth of billions of dollars each year. In Australia alone, their damage is estimated at more than 100 million dollars. Even though you might have to spend a little in order to get an inspection or a treatment, it’s still much better than to take no action and have much higher repair bills in the long term. There are plenty of pest control companies out there, and in this article, we will take a look at how to choose the best termite company?

Termites can eat 24-7 and they can multiply at alarming rates. A queen can lay an egg every 3 seconds and more than 10 million each year. Not to mention the fact that some of the termites can then fly away, become queens as well and create new colonies.

Signs of Termites

On the sunshine coast of Australia, 1 in 3 homes is affected by termites. Even though they eat silently, they still give signs and it is important to take action from the first moment you notice them. This way you will limit the damage and reduce the costs. Here are some of the indications that your home might be infested with termites:

– clicking noises
– headbanging
– flying termites
– termite wings
– white ants
– the timber sounds hollow
– there are small holes in the wood
– the doors and windows are hard to open or close
– mud leads
– shelter tubes
– the power fails
– you notice tunnels in wood
– you find termite droppings
– the floors, walls or ceiling are damaged
– the foundation is damaged
– the garden is damaged
– roof tiles are damaged

So if you notice any of these signs, you need to call a pest control company. You search online and you find tens of them, and now you might ask yourself: how to choose the best termite company?

How Long Has The Termite Control Company Been Around For?

If you have a serious medical issue, you would want to visit an older doctor with plenty of years of experience and avoid getting a treatment from a beginner or a student. It’s the same when choosing a pest control company. You want one that has been around for many years and that has plenty of years of experience. Look for quality and value.

How To Choose The Best Termite Company

Safeguard Pest Control was founded in 1989 and continually expanded ever since. We have 30 years of experience and our employees are highly trained and skilled. They have great knowledge in this field and can provide great results for all types of buildings. We offer pest control solutions to both residential and commercial areas, as well as to schools and hospitals.

Do They Have The Right Credentials To Do The Job?

Not only that the company needs to have knowledge and experience, but it also needs the right certifications. If the company has them, they are usually presented on their website. You can also contact the department of environmental protection in your area and ask for directions.

Definitely avoid companies that do not have all the required licenses. They might lack the knowledge and skills of effectively getting rid of termites, they might not use the right substances and affect your health and that of your family, or they might even scam you of your money.

How Much Will The Treatment Cost

Of course that every homeowner would like to spend as little as possible. But a company that has prices that are way too low compared to the competition, might be suspicious. If the cost is way too small, it might mean that they are not using the most powerful and effective substances and that eventually the termites will not be destroyed.

It might also mean that their employees are not trained or qualified to do a good job. A quick fix termite treatment costs somewhere between $ 300 and $ 900, while the price for a termite barrier varies between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000. So be very aware of anything that is much lower than that!

Are Their Treatments Covered by Warranties?

A good company will offer a detailed written warranty for their work. This means that they stand behind their work and they know that it brings great results. The warranty should mention exactly the rights of the homeowner and if follow-up inspections are included in the price.

Our termite treatments are guaranteed for up to 8 years.

Do They Have Any Customer Testimonials?

If the company has been in business for many years, it’s normal that it had multiple clients along the way. And if the company is still operating, it means that the clients were satisfied and some of them left positive ratings and reviews.

Search for testimonials on their official website, but also on Google Maps, Yelp and Facebook. Companies can easily write anything on their website, but they can’t control the reviews on the other platforms. Safeguard Pest Control Sunshine Coast has 111 positive reviews on Google and our overall score is 4.9 out of 5. This means that plenty of clients can testify our knowledge and experience.

Be Cautious

Be very cautious of companies or individuals that claim they have a secret formula for eliminating termites. There are some proven ways that are guaranteed to work against termites, and they are known by all the major companies. These substances have been tested in professional laboratories and researched by scientists. They are proven to eliminate termites while not affecting the health and well-being of people and pets.

A good company will keep you informed about what’s going on in each part of the process and about all the substances that are used. The pesticides must be labelled and registered.

Also, be aware of:

– companies that include pest control as part of a package deal that also includes home repair, carpet cleaning  or tree trimming
– companies with no website, no contact address or phone number
– people who sell services door to door and are targeting old people who live alone
– people or companies who arrive without being called and show you insects they found in your yard or that of a neighbour
– people or companies who are pressuring you to sign a contract as soon as possible, otherwise your home might fall off
– companies that claim to have leftover substances from a previous job and offer a big discount if you start the treatment right away
– companies that claim to be endorsed by a government agency. Such agencies do not endorse specific companies or pest control products

Be Cooperative

However, you should cooperate with the company if they ask you to:

– Remove personal items from an area that will be treated or empty the kitchen cabinets
– Do not allow children and pets nearby while the treatment is applied
– Remove aquariums from the treatment site or turn off their air pump
– Take some precaution measures to avoid future infestations

How To Choose The Best Termite Company

Carefully analyze all the aspects mentioned before and do your own research. And if you don’t have the time to read about each company, you can choose one of the best – Safeguard Pest Control

We are fulfilling all the terms mentioned above, and much more than that. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in business since 1989. Our employees are highly trained and skilled.

Safeguard Pest Control

We offer pest control solutions to both residential and commercial areas, as well as to schools and hospitals. We are using modern devices and safe substances that will not affect your health or the environment.

Safeguard Pest Control

Our team of experts will arrive as soon as possible and will begin by inspecting the particularities of your own home. After finding the problem, we will come up with a custom action plan and we will get to work. We will accommodate your schedule and together we’ll find the right time to start the treatment.

Our treatments suit all types of homes and all budgets. Contact us today and let us help you get rid of termites! Call 07 5477 6675 or send us an email at

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