Termite Control on the Sunshine Coast

Termite control on the Sunshine Coast is very important as it can severely damage your property whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.

Termites cause problems in homes however they it is not always the easiest to detect an infestation. This is why it is always important to get a termite inspection done. Termite inspections play a key role in ensuring your home is safe and well maintained and it is of great importance to make sure you get one done before purchasing a home. It is however worth pointing out that just having the initial inspection doesn’t mean that you are clear of termites forever. You should have routine inspections to make sure your home is not infested and therefore prevent damage to your property.

There are also many ways to check if you have termites.

How to check for termites

The easiest way to know whether or not you have termites is to see them. You will most likely find termites in damp areas of your property, in particularly around wood. There is the potential that you will find termites on the Sunshine Coast flying around windows and other areas once there a been a bit of rainfall.

Termites also create mud tunnels when they can’t eat a specific substance so they create a tunnel to find a different source of food. You may find these types of tunnels in the foundation of your home – they are about the size of a pencil width.

The most common sign that you have termites is wood damage. Termites absolutely destroy inner parts of wood and can also leave markings on the outside. When wood damage becomes more severe, it can show. If you find that this wood crumbles when you touch it or shows signs of damage, then this is a key indicator of termites.

If you are noticing any of these signs, then you may definitely have termites on the Sunshine Coast. If this is the case, call someone immediately to inspect your home.

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