Trelona Termite Bait System

The New Advanced Trelona Termite Bait System

Trelona Termite Baiting System has set a new benchmark in termite baiting in Australia. Homeowners can now rest assured that their property is being protected. Since its launch in 2020, the users are impressed by its performance.

Trelona Termite Bait System

What makes Trelona stack up against the competition?

Trelona is powered by Novaluron, which guarantees complete colony elimination. When compared to other termite baits, it impairs the termites’ ability to synthesize chitin. Even better, the termites die due to their inability to complete the molting process. User can also extend their inspection frequencies and benefit from the year-round protection.

Unlike older termite bait systems, Trelona allows immediate feeding. Those systems that contain wood can only be used if termites appear in the timber. But the downside with such systems is that users have to wait several weeks to bait the termites. Since Trelona has premade bait, it’s effective towards the most common home destroyers – schedorhinotermes and Coptotermes. Plus it’s a discrete bait system that can be applied either as an active or monitoring system. That’s not all. You drill half the holes compared to the industry standard.

According to BASF (the creator), the system is made with the safety of the user in mind. It’s backed by the latest research in termite behavior.

What is the active ingredient?

Trelona uses Novaluron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor. It’s preloaded in a clear case to allow the termites to feed naturally. This revolutionary bait technology makes it irresistible to termites. When you compare with other bait traits, Trelona requires less bait to eliminate the colony. This is the best in-ground protection against termites.

Once you apply the product to the soil, you create a more uniform protection zone. It permeates intricate termite workings even where the nest cannot be located.

How to use Trelona on a home

Trelona should only be applied in areas with termite activity. The bait systems must be installed in a sequence that best suits the home design. As you choose the location, you should avoid any areas where termiticides were previously applied. The general rule of thumb is to ensure each station doesn’t exceed 20 feet. If you spot termite activity, you should feed the colony continuously. For structures with crawl spaces, you can place the bait there too.

Once the termite activity occurs in the station, you can locate many more to maximize the bait. The success of the process depends on how much bait the termites consume. Being an `Active on Application’ system, you use fewer frequencies and maintain all-year protection. Whenever you place the product near active termites, you’ll get excellent results within weeks. For more information, you should refer to the label.

How often should one service the Trelona bait systems?

Safeguard Pest Control recommends installations every four months. In the initial trials in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, the termites consumed the system within 9 weeks. However, continuous bait consumption is the only surefire way for successful colony elimination. The intervals will depend on the activity of the termites and whether it’s a monitoring or an active system. On installation, the professional will determine how many stations should be installed around your home.

How much is Trelona Bait System

On average, the Trelona Bait System costs $1500 to $5,000. This cost includes servicing, home inspection, and bait replenishment. Since every home is different, it’s difficult to estimate the exact cost without the initial home inspection.

Should Trelona be installed by trained professionals?

Yes. BASF trained professionals understand how best to use the product. They are trained and know how to install the system in tricky situations. Besides, the team is careful where to drill and how to deal with specific termite species. When inspecting a station, there should be minimal disturbance – this task is best left in the hands of professionals.

For areas conducive to termites foraging, the professionals will install Trelona as a monitoring system. If the termites have not been present after a specified time, the team will clean the bait and replace the monitor. If the termites deliberately abandon the station due to excess moisture, the experts know how to replace the bait and cover the station securely.

How we can help

If you’re dealing with termites in your home, the Safeguard team is ready to help. First, the professionals will come to your home and inspect where the Trelona system needs to be installed. Then, we’ll determine how many baits you need and give you a no-obligation quote that best suits your space.


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