• Cockroach Eradication 

    Cockroach Eradication 

    The warmer months are here and all the animal kingdom are breeding. Cockroach eradication on the Sunshine Coast is something that needs to be looked at if you value your home and contents, not mention your family… Read more

  • Signs of Termite Damage

    Signs of Termite Damage

    Unfortunately, unless you know the signs of termite damage it might not be until there is significant structural damage to your home. If your home isn’t equipped with adequate termite prevention methods, then it… Read more

  • Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    Pest Control Sunshine Coast

    When it comes to pest control Sunshine Coast, we want to ensure that all properties including residential, commercial and industrial spaces are free from pests. Through the Safeguard Pest Control services, we offer… Read more

  • Termites


    Don’t let termites take over your home, proactive precaution is the most effective form of pest control and Safeguard Pest Control have the Sunshine Coasts’ best treatments available. Now, you can stop worrying… Read more



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