Carpet moth

Carpet Moths: How To Get Rid Of Carpet Moth And Restore Your Carpet

Having to deal with clothing or carpet moths can be a hassle. Unfortunately, they found pretty much everywhere in the world. Thus, no matter where you live, your living room, bathroom, or any other space in your home with a carpet or a rug, can be potentially targeted by these little critters.

To prevent carpet moths from destroying your house and causing damage to your beloved rooms, you must learn to identify the signs indicating their presence. The good news is that by detecting them early on, you’ll be able to effectively eliminate carpet moths from your house and reduce the damage to your home’s appearance. To make everything easier for you, we put together this essential guide containing everything you need to know about carpet moths and how to deal with them.


Early detection can make an enormous difference in preventing extensive damage. Luckily, moths are easily identifiable because of their distinctive marking and behaviour. They tend to be between 14 and 18 m and go through four life cycles in one year. One of the most common signs of moths is the presence of cocoons in your home. Moths will attack carpets during their larval stage, as they feed on the fibers to prepare for pupation. Keep an eye on strange patches on the edges and corners of your rugs, which are other common signs of the presence of carpet moths.


Getting rid of carpet moths by vacuuming and washing your carpets might seem like a good idea. However, such practices are not effective in eradicating the pests, as they only can reduce their numbers. If you want to eliminate carpet moths, you should call a professional.


Carpet moths have short life cycles and can reproduce very quickly. Thus, trying to eradicate them by washing your carpets will not be enough. The reality is that despite the power of your device, you won’t be able to remove all eggs by vacuuming. Not eliminating eggs will most probably result in re-infestation. To thoroughly eliminate moths once and for all, you must therefore call a professional. Not only the right company can be a guarantee of an effective eradication, but by deciding to contract someone with experience, you will also save in expenses and in the hassle to deal with them again in the future. Remember than prevention is always better than dealing with the (bigger) problem later!


After you ensure your house is free from carpet-moths, you should focus your attention on your rugs. Here are some home remedies to bring them back to life and make them look as fresh as they were new.


If you have a high-powered vacuum cleaner, this method can be extremely efficient in removing debris and other organic residuals. Before starting, ensure your device is not clogged nor full.

Once you are positive there are no issues with your device, you can begin going over animal skins, crevices, rugs, carpets, and furs. Doing so will eliminate all of the residuals from larvae, eggs, and cocoons. Pay close attention to corners, and don’t forget to vacuum under furniture, rugs, beds, and cupboards. When you feel like you’ve cleaned to the best of your abilities, remember to throw away all of the debris accumulated in your vacuum cleaner and move to the next step.

Mix Baking Soda With Vinegar

Refreshing your carpets doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the best methods to do so is to combine baking soda and white vinegar. It will not only help you eradicate moths once and for all but will also help you remove those annoying spots and stains from your rugs and carpets. The two elements have natural antibacterial properties that can effectively remove and prevent odors.


Sprinkle the surface of your carpet with baking soda and spread it with a brush. Leave it there for the entire night. After having vacuum cleaned it the next day, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and pour it in a spray container. Spray the mixture over the carpet generously. Don’t worry about the fizzing! It results from the reaction of vinegar to white powder, and it is a sign the treatment is being effective. Once you finish going through your carpet, let the mixture dry. Leave your windows open to dissipate the smell of vinegar.

Iron your Carpet with A Damp Cloth

This method will only work in combination with some vacuuming. This method will help you have fresh and fluffy rugs again, even after a moth infestation.

Grab some water and a cloth and preheat your iron in the meanwhile. Gently dampen your cloth and lay it where the stains left by the moths are. Bring your iron (now hot) over the damp cloth and place it there for a few seconds only. The high temperature of the iron will perk up your carpet’s fiber. The result will be a fresh and new looking rug. Do not place the iron directly onto the rug, as the high temperature will damage it.


Professional Carpet Steaming

Alternatively, you might also want to consider calling a local professional service for better results. Of course, your budget might be a limiting factor here. If you can afford to call a professional, do so. Your carpets will look as good as new, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of another infestation.

The Bottom Line & Prevention

After having dealt with carpet moths, your goal must be to maintain your carpets looking good and prevent re-infestations and other pests damage.

To guarantee efficient protection against moths and pests in your home, air your house. Also, treat your rugs, furs, and animal skins appropriately, and store them accordingly.

Most importantly, contact a local company and schedule regular inspections. Remember that spending a few dollars on prevention can save you considerable expenses on eradication!

You can make use of the home remedies listed in this guide. However, if you want to get the best results and keep your home and carpets healthy, you should seek professional help.