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Termite Warranty

2 Million Dollar Termite Warranty by Termidor
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Best Commercial Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Rid your business of pests with our comprehensive commercial pest control service.

Free Your Business From All Current and Future Pest Infestations

An encroachment of pests, such as rodents, termites, or other insects, in your place of work can cause an unprecedented disruption to your services and an irreversible blight on your business. A termite infestation can cause countless dollars in structural damage to your building.

Pests carry diseases and thus post a great health and safety risk to restaurants, grocery stores, and food producers especially and put your establishment at risk of receiving fines and discipline. In fact, the QLD Food Authority publishes a yearly list of food premises that have been issued notices in the past year. Even the briefest glimpse of a rodent scurrying across the floor of your business may be enough to turn the most dedicated patron away from your business forever.

Fortunately, we have the tools and services to stop a pest infestation in its tracks. We can even stop it from happening before it begins.

Fill out the form below or call us at 0754776675 to find out how we can help you fight back against pests

Custom Treatment Plan

Every pest problem is different. So are our plans. We will build a custom treatment plan to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

Minimally Disruptive

We know how important keeping your business open is. That’s why we strive to conduct our services with the least amount of disruption to you as possible.


The only thing we value more than our reputation is yours. So, while pests like to be in the spotlight, we strive to stay out of it. You do your thing and we do ours. You and your customers will hardly notice us.

Unlimited After Service Site Visits

As much as we want to see you again, we hope we don’t have to. If you have any issues or quality concerns, however, we will return until we get it right. Say goodbye to pests, not perfection.

No Damage to Your Stock or Other Stored Products

We make the utmost effort to ensure our services do not damage or negatively affect your stock or products. We treat your possessions like they are ours. When we are finished, you will find everything as you left it. Except for pests. They will be gone.

We Take Safety and Standards Seriously

  • Adhere to all requirements as set out by HACCP and all other external auditing bodies
  • Ensure that we meet all standards required to meet all health regulations regarding pest control
  • We comply with all Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Acts, applicable Codes of Practice and Standards.
  • We comply with all National and State regulations as they apply specifically to pest control and pest management.
  • We apply all pesticides in strict accordance to the product label directions.
  • We apply all pesticides in strict adherence to all industry and government directions, as laid down by AQIS & NZFSA and the like.
  • We keep a detailed record of all pesticides applied at every pest control job.
  • We hold current policies for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

We Handle All Kinds of Pests

There are countless varieties of pests that can cause your business problems. Thankfully, we can handle all of them. Here are a few:

    • Termites
    • Bed Bugs
    • Birds
    • Rodents
    • Worms
    • Cockroaches
    • Ants
    • Spiders
    • Ticks
    • And More
  • Specialists you can trust

    We use the latest equipment, techniques and safe methods.


    All of our Services are guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.


    We will do whatever is necessary to ensure you are happy.

How It Works

Step 1: Contact Us

Simply give us a call at 0754776675 or fill out the form below to get started, and we will send an experienced commercial pest control expert over for an inspection.

Step 2: Verification

The first thing we will do upon arrival is provide you with copies of our licenses, insurances, and certifications. From the second you begin working with us, you will know you are dealing with a professional, safe, and registered pest control company.

Step 3: Inspection

We will comprehensively inspect your property to identify the source and extent of your pest problem. If you are worried about termites, we deliver a 58-point analysis that exceeds Australian industry standards. We will look in every nook and cranny, like under your roof and under your building, to uncover the source of your pest issue. In some cases, we may even use cutting-edge infrared technology. Learn more about our inspection procedures here.

Step 4: Report and Quote

After our inspection, we will deliver our findings to you and provide you with a quote and a custom service plan to meet your specific needs. We will go in great detail about our recommended services and findings, so you can make an informed decision on the next step.

Step 5: Implementation

Now the fun begins. We will treat your establishment with only the best and safest products to stop a pest infestation in its tracks. We will do this as discreetly as possible and with minimum disruption to your business. A few of our wide variety of pest control services include:

  • Safe, natural, and organic chemical treatment
  • Termite bating system installation for termite control
  • Reticulation system installation
  • Infection control
  • Rodent trap installation
  • Slow acting insecticide use to combat ants
  • Rug and carpet spraying to eliminate fleas
  • Bee and wasp hive removal

Step 6: Completion and Follow Up

After we finish, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all the pest control services we provided for your commercial premises. Furthermore, we will provide recommendations on how you can protect your business from any further infestations. If you are unhappy with our work in any way, we will come back as many times as it takes to get the job done righ

The Gold Standard for Commercial Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Safeguard is a family company with deep roots on the Sunshine Coast. For 30 years, we have been exceeding the industry standard for pest control. We have a friendly, close-knit, and experienced team, that is committed to providing you with the best service possible. We have a reputation as one of the best pest control companies. You do not need to take our word for it, though. This is what Hazel B, one of our countless satisfied customers, has to say about our commercial pest control service:

“We have been using safeguard pest control for years with all our businesses and have never had anything but a great experience. Exceptional customer service, friendly and professional staff and fantastic results. Would highly recommend!”


Our commercial pest control services are priced on a case by case basis and are determined by many factors. Give us a call at 0754776675, or simply scroll down and fill out the form for a free estimate.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that we provide the best commercial pest control on the Sunshine Coast. We are so confident, in fact, that if you are unhappy for any reason, you will not pay a cent.

Ready to Finally Rid Your Business of Pests?

Give us a call at 0754776675, or simply scroll down and fill out the form for a free estimate.

Popular Questions

  • Do you spray in kitchens and around food?

    Yes we spray in kitchens and around food however we recommend your food to be properly sealed and stored while our treatment is carried out, We use only the best and safest chemical that have low toxicity to humans. Book today call (07) 5477 6675 or email us.

  • How often should I get a pest control treatment done?

    You should get a pest control treatment done at least every 6 to 12 months, our work comes with a 12-month warranty (Terms and conditions apply) We will notify you after 12 months so you can be sure you’re protected all year round. Call us on (07) 5477 6675 to book your Pest control treatment today.

  • Do we have to vacate the property while you spray?

    Our chemicals are safe for you and your family to be around during the treatment. You don’t have to vacate the property while the service is being done. call (07) 5477 6675 to talk with Safeguard Pest Control about any concerns you might have!

  • Will wet weather affect the treatment?

    Some treatments will be postponed, most pest control treatments usually are not affected as properties have eaves and guttering that overhang the exterior walls. Call (07) 5477 6675 or email us to organise your pest control treatment today!

  • Do you spray inside the house or just outside?

    An Internal and external spray will usually be conducted unless a different treatment plan is discussed. For more information check out our Residential Pest control page or Contact us or call (07) 5477 6675  today.

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