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Gutter Guard Sunshine Coast
Gutter Guard Sunshine Coast

Gutter Guard Installation in Noosa & Peregian

Are your gutters ready for bushfire season? Are you afraid they might overflow with water when the next storm hits?

Noosa & Peregian are both located in close proximity to high-risk bushfire areas. Having national parks and reserves nearby means you need to keep your home safe.

Don’t risk falling off a ladder trying to clean your gutters!

Our Gutter Guards are designed to limit maintenance and stop leaves from piling up and pests from getting into your roof space. We also install them safely so it’s risk-free for you.

  • Bushfire risk

    Embers can pass through unguarded gutters and set fire to debris, as well as your house.

  • Water Damage

    Unguarded gutters can cause expensive damage to the roof and structure of your home.

  • Dangerous Maintenance

    Gutter Guards eliminate the need for you to climb a ladder and risk falling.

Aluminium mesh gutter guard

Our Gutter Guards are made of high-quality Aluminium, durable enough to withstand the heat of Peregian Beach. Our mesh guards are suitable for both Colorbond and tiled roofs.

We install Aluminium Gutter Guards that:

  • Are functional but still aesthetically appealing with the overall look of your home.
  • A long-term solution for clear gutters that require minimal maintenance.
  • Reduce the risk of you climbing to your roof and injuring yourself – or worse.

Gutter Guard for Colorbond roof

Don’t stress about your Gutter Guard being an eyesore. All our guards are matched to Colourbond roofs to seamlessly blend with the exterior of your house so your Noosa home won’t look out of place.

We ensure you have peace of mind by eliminating the risk that comes with installing Gutter Guards. Plus, we use the only Gutter Guard product to be approved by Bluescope Steel Colorbond.

Tile Roof Gutter Guard

Residents of Noosa and Peregian looking to extend the longevity of their roof can simply contact us to install a Gutter Guard. We’ll colour match it to flow with the look of your home whilst also:

  • Preventing water damage that occurs from debris clogging your gutters
  • Reducing the likelihood of birds, rodents and more being attracted to foliage build-up to create nests and damage.
  • Preventing fires by keeping gutters clear of leaves and debris

With Gutter Guards to protect your home, there is less chance of you injuring yourself trying to do it yourself.

Gutter Guard Installation Cost

Gutter Guards are a fantastic investment for anyone looking to reduce maintenance for their home gutter systems throughout the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Peregian, Buderim and Caloundra. We provide the product and install them safely for a low starting price of $1,200 for a small home

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Why install a Gutter Guard?

There are so many great reasons to get a Gutter Guard installed by us. We are trusted experts who know just how worthwhile of an investment they are.

Gutter Guards are necessary to:

  • Keep leaves and foliage clear from gutters so that water can flow freely, reducing the risk of costly water damage to your house.
  • Keep pests, such as rats and snakes, out of your roof by placing a mesh barrier to prevent them from entering.
  • Helping Noosa and Pergeian residents protect their homes against bushfires by reducing the likelihood of build-up in gutters.
  • Minimising the need for maintenance and putting yourself at risk by climbing ladders to clean your roof and gutters.

Installing a Gutter Guard yourself can be highly dangerous which is why we’re here to help. Contact us to install one today!

Avoid water damage

Our Gutter Guards are designed with a mesh that allows water through while blocking leaves, sticks and unwanted debris from entering and clogging the gutter.

Without the guard, debris becomes trapped in the gutter and clogs it, leaving water to overflow and damage the house in various ways.

At Safeguard, we are fully insured and experienced to install a gutter guard system to your home to prevent any damage from occurring to your Peregian Beach property next time it rains.

Keep Rodents, Snakes & Possums out of your Roof

If you’re afraid of the damage that pests can cause, our Aluminium Gutter Guards are the solution for your Sunshine Coast home.

We install Gutter Guards to keep homes safe from pests, especially in areas like Peregian Springs that are surrounded by plenty of trees. Our guards create a mesh barrier to keep out pests like rodents, possums and termites as well as leaves and debris that may attract them.

We are the trusted brand in pest control and keeping termites away from your property. If you’re having any pest related issues, contact us about it today.

Prevent Fires

We provide Peregian Spring home owners who live close to bushland with a safe solution this bushfire season. We’re here to protect your home by installing Gutter Guards that can free your gutters of foliage build-up.

Limit the risk by reducing the chance of embers igniting a fire in your gutter–where leaves can easily catch fire. Don’t stress this bushfire season, we’ll do the hard work for you.

Less Maintenance

Whether you live in Noosa, Peregian or Coolum, you won’t be needing that ladder anymore.

Our Gutter Guards ensure that there’s a barrier between your gutters and unwanted debris that wants to enter. Getting up and cleaning your gutters is no longer something to stress about.

You can trust us to safely install your guards so that cleaning leaves on your weekend is a thing of the past.