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Does your home or business have adequate Termite Protection? At Safeguard pest control our termite protection systems can be installed during the construction stages as a Pre-construction termite barrier or after your home has been constructed as a post-construction termite treatment.


We only use the best when it comes to termite protection around your home. Safeguard uses the latest innovations in termite control to ensure your home stays termite-free. We recommend Termidor as it has been recognized as the best termite treatment available since it was launched over 15 years ago. Our fully trained and accredited termite technicians install a treatment zone around the entire buildings structure to provide a continuous zone in the soil to rid your termites for GOOD!


Termite bating systems are a smart, safe and environmentally friendly way to have your home protected from termites. These bait stations contain wooden stakes, paper, cardboard board, and other cellulose-containing materials that enticing termites to feed and come into the bait station. Once the termites have been located in the station a termite bait is introduced. The termites will feed on this slow-acting insect growth regulator that inhibits the ability of the individual termites to synthesize chitin. Termites moult, that is they shed their exoskeletons because they cannot reproduce chitin, they are unable to replace this skeleton and thus perish. In most case it will take up to 6 weeks to kill the termite colony, however, several months  may pass before total colony elimination is achieved


    All our termite treatments are carried out to AS 3660.2


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Physical termite barriers started surfacing in the mid to late 1990s as a non-chemical termite solution for the building and construction industry. These types of systems are installed before and during the construction of a new building or during the renovation stages. The physical barrier is designed to form a barrier between your home and ground that will repel and deter termites when trying to enter your home. Our physical termite barrier offers long-lasting protection and proven way to protect your property against TERMITES


YES! Yes, you really do. If you’re like most homeowners we all do things on a daily basis to protect our homes. We get alarms and camera systems installed to warn us of any home invaders. We have smoke alarms to help us detect a fire inside our homes. We purchase household insurance to protect us against the “unknown”.

So why wouldn’t you want to protect your home to an invader that is constantly a threat to your home, eating away at it 24/7/365, all without you knowing. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wooden flooring, gyprock plasterboard, plastic, and wallpaper all undetected. Termites are voracious creatures that have little regard for the destruction they cause to homes and businesses or the messes they leave behind. They do not discriminate between a $500,000 home to a $5,000,000 home.

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In order to achieve the best possible job of preventing or controlling termites, you need to contact a professional pest control exterminator who has the needed termite treatment experience and expertise. Safeguard Pest Control has been serving the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years and know how to get the best possible results for your home. We are your local termite control experts.

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Popular Questions

How to tell if termites are in my home?

Even if you don’t see signs of termites it doesn’t mean they’re not in you home. The best way to tell if termites are in you home is to have a professional termite inspection completed. You can also check out our blog post 13 Signs You May Have Termites. Call (07) 5477 6675 or contact us with any questions.

Where do termites hide?

Termites will hide in any concealed area of a property. In your walls, crawl space, below timber decking or in any other inaccessible area of your home. Termites are very crafty. They really don’t like to be found or be exposed to the sunlight. To find out more about Where do termites hide check out or blog post A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites? . Think you have termites? Call (07) 5477 6675 to book a Termite Inspection today.

What can kill termites?

The best way to kill termites is with chemical. A termite barrier can kill termites for up to 8 years. For more information on What can kill termites? Check out or blog post on Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier? or feel free to give us a call or email we would be more than happy to help

Can I spray termites myself?

Spraying for termites yourself is not recommended. If you have an existing termite infestation the property will require professional treatment. To find out more  check out our blog DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control. Call (07) 5477 6675 or email us for a FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate!

Do termites just go away?

Termites just don’t go away. Without a professional termite treatment your just waiting for a termite colony to infest your property. Check out our blog 8 Signs of Termites in Your Home  or feel free to Contact us on (07) 5477 6675 we will be more than happy to help!

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