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Termites have the ability to invade a building unnoticed in a very short space of time. Learn how to identify signs of termites in your home and business, understand them more and find out what you can do to control them. At Safeguard Pest control our friendly staff have been highly trained in finding signs of termites. Termites will invade your home without discrimination.

Safeguard knows where to look for signs of termites, in known or suspected areas that are popular for harbouring termite activity. Termites can be chewing away at your home or business without being visible until they have caused major damage. Proactive precaution is our recommendation as to the most effective form of pest control against termites. Once Safeguard Pest Control has recognized the signs of termites in your home, there are a number of options available, including termite barriers that are installed as a barrier underneath or around the perimeter of the foundational slab and can in most cases protected the structure for up to eight years.

We can also deploy termite baits that are activated below the ground to ‘entice’ termites to feed on toxicant-laced wooden stakes, paper, cardboard or other cellulose-containing material.

The visible first sign that a termite colony around your home is the presence of flying termites or termites with wings commonly called alates or swarmers. These flying termites have generally left the nest in search of partner to establish a new colony.

Signs of Termites can also be found if you leave a light on outside on a hot humid night as some species will swarm at night and are attracted to light sources but most of the time you will notice swarming termites after or before rain at any given time of year. If your finding winged termites inside your home its likely that you have an existing termite infestation and the termites have already built a nest in your home

A most common sign of termites is the appearance of discarded termite wings. You can find them on the floor, window sills, fly screens, roof void and even in external guttering this a sign you have a termite problem.


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There are many benefits to recognizing the signs of termites. With accurate diagnosis, Safeguard Pest Control can discuss with you a suitable treatment option, treat your property and provide you peace of mind. Our low cost, superb value for money proactive systems, comes with 100% back-up and support if you need additional help we are only a phone call away.

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In order to achieve the best possible job of preventing or controlling termites, you need to contact a professional pest control exterminator who has the needed termite treatment experience and expertise. Safeguard Pest Control has been serving the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years and know how to get the best possible results for your home. We are your local termite control experts.

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Popular Questions

How to tell if termites are in my home?

Even if you don’t see signs of termites it doesn’t mean they’re not in you home. The best way to tell if termites are in you home is to have a professional termite inspection completed. You can also check out our blog post 13 Signs You May Have Termites. Call (07) 5477 6675 or contact us with any questions.

Where do termites hide?

Termites will hide in any concealed area of a property. In your walls, crawl space, below timber decking or in any other inaccessible area of your home. Termites are very crafty. They really don’t like to be found or be exposed to the sunlight. To find out more about Where do termites hide check out or blog post A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites? . Think you have termites? Call (07) 5477 6675 to book a Termite Inspection today.

What can kill termites?

The best way to kill termites is with chemical. A termite barrier can kill termites for up to 8 years. For more information on What can kill termites? Check out or blog post on Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier? or feel free to give us a call or email we would be more than happy to help

Can I spray termites myself?

Spraying for termites yourself is not recommended. If you have an existing termite infestation the property will require professional treatment. To find out more  check out our blog DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control. Call (07) 5477 6675 or email us for a FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate!

Do termites just go away?

Termites just don’t go away. Without a professional termite treatment your just waiting for a termite colony to infest your property. Check out our blog 8 Signs of Termites in Your Home  or feel free to Contact us on (07) 5477 6675 we will be more than happy to help!

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