We are Safeguard Pest Control, a team of experienced and enthusiastic pest control experts with more than 30 years of experience in the business. Over the years, we have worked with big clients in all the major industries on the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas.

We can handle any type of buildings and any kind of pests, including:


Unfortunately, pests are a constant threat to hotels and resorts. Not only some of the pests are attracted by the food and shelter they can find in a hotel, but guests always come and go bringing luggage and potentially unwanted visitors with them.

Some of them can cause structural damage, while others can contaminate the foods, leave droppings, body parts, fur or feathers and also carry dangerous viruses or bacteria. And even if a hotel has a pest that is totally harmless, the guests will be disgusted and will leave negative reviews that will hurt the reputation of the location.

Over the years, we had the honour to work for important locations on the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas, including: Banjos Bakery’s Australia, the Beerwah Hotel, the Palmwoods Hotel and Goodbean Coffee.


A single insect found in a customer’s plate can ruin the reputation of a restaurant, so that’s why business owners need to be very careful about pest control.

A wide variety of pests are attracted to the conditions in a restaurant (plenty of food of different kinds, moisture and warmth), and they can easily get inside because of the frequently opened doors, the multitude of people coming in, as well as shipments of all types. So it’s highly important to take all the needed measures to prevents pests, and to get rid of them as soon as they appear.

Multiple pests are found in Australia and they can harm a restaurant in many ways: they can contaminate the food products, leave droppings, body parts, fur or feathers, they can destroy the property and also carry dangerous viruses or bacteria. So the restaurant owner needs to take action as soon as possible, and call a reliable pest control company such as Safeguard Pest Control.

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Real Estate

A property manager has a lot of tasks to handle in order to keep the tenants happy and the properties in great condition. There are maintenance tasks to perform, landscaping, plumbing, structural issues and last but not least, pest problems. Regular pest control needs to be done in order to keep the properties safe and the tenants happy, and action should be taken as soon as any pest issue arises.

Condominiums, apartment complexes and other multi-family environments are always in danger of being infested with cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice, termites, flies or various other pests. Some of them can cause serious damage to the property, while others are big threats to the health and well-being of the tenants.

Some of the major clients we had over the years include: Coolum Beach Realty, First National Real Estates, Direct Rentals, Ray White, Team Godwin Real Estate, Local Agent Caloundra.

Body Corporate

Regardless of the size and the industry of the corporation, it can still have problems with pests. Not only they can damage furniture, equipment, wires and so on, but they can also cause health problems to employees.

A clean workspace is always important for health and productivity, and that’s where our company can help. We had the pleasure to work with Archers Body Corporate, as well as other major corporations on the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas.


Kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities need to be clean and hygienic and to offer the best possible conditions for children to study in. The last thing you want is to have pests crawling around the desks or bathrooms, and kids to come to school feeling disgusted or to leave the school with various diseases caused by pests.

Pest problems can lead to property damage but also to operational interruptions and delays. They can cause the school to break laws and regulations related to public health, and may also damage the reputation of the institution. This is why you need to call Safeguard Pest Control right away

Some of the institutions we have worked with are Montessori Australia and the Mountain Creek High School. If you work in an education facility that has pest issues, contact us right away!


Governmental buildings need to be a staple of cleanliness and hygiene, an example to the entire community they serve. A government building filled with bugs, rats or other nasty pests is simply unacceptable.

Government organizations have plenty of buildings and offices to manage, and with the multitude of pests in Australia, things can get out of control pretty quickly. Not to mention the fact that many of these buildings are decades if not centuries old.

So far, we had the pleasure to collaborate with the Queensland Police and St Vincent’s Health Australia.

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