Thermal Imaging Pest Control, Sunshine Coast
Thermal Imaging Pest Control, Sunshine Coast


Thermal imaging provides the only method to accurately locate moisture intrusion, termite infestation or water leaks without destructive measures. Moisture deposits are difficult to detect unless visible signs emerge, often too late to prevent serious contamination. The actual source of the moisture can be many feet away from the site of detection. Visible cues alone are clearly not effective indicators of moisture.

Thermal imaging scans can easily verify insulation inside walls and ceilings. The camera will reveal where there is missing, settled, or wet and damaged insulation.


Realizing that infrared can do this for you and show you the actual images of exactly where you need to spend money and resources make a termite inspection very appealing to knowledgeable homeowners.

Fact: less than 5% of home inspectors even use Infrared Technology, although we find using infrared imaging can help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year by detecting moisture, insulation and electrical issues before they pose a bigger risk to your property.

Nearly everything gets hot before it fails, making Thermal Imaging or Infrared Inspections extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tools in numerous applications, e.g:

  • Hidden roof leaks, before they cause serious damage
  • Missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation
  • Heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors
  • Water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mold
  • Termite infestation
  • Air conditioner compressor leaks
  • Broken seals in double pane windows
  • Overheated equipment

    All our termite inspections are carried out to AS 3660.2


    State-of-the-art moisture, fibre-optic and thermal technology.


    Comprehensive, yet simple to read reports

You haven’t seen your home until you’ve seen it in Thermal Imaging Camera!

Why get a thermal imaging inspection for moisture and water leaks?

  • Locate moisture and control mold growth
  • Quantify moisture hidden in walls and ceilings
  • Identify wet wall and missing insulation
  • Use our full color digital images to show your plumber where water has invaded your home
  • Minimize loss by acting quickly to determine the extent of water intrusion
  • Detect termite infestation
  • Protect your investment

Termite Inspection Price Estimate

Our  visual termite inspection covers all accessible areas of your property.

Areas Include

  • Building Interior
  • Building exterior
  • Roof void/subfloor
  • Gardens and landscaping timbers or retaining walls

Just tell us a few things about your home

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Pest Control Service

Pest control Sunshine Coast can control all of your pest problems both residential and commercial. We offer a large range of pest management services.

Our technicians are highly qualified, skilled and use only the safest and most effective techniques for complete pest eradication, and all of our chemicals are environmentally friendly and safe for use around asthma and allergies suffers

Popular Questions

How to tell if termites are in my home?

Even if you don’t see signs of termites it doesn’t mean they’re not in you home. The best way to tell if termites are in you home is to have a professional termite inspection completed. You can also check out our blog post 13 Signs You May Have Termites. Call (07) 5477 6675 or contact us with any questions.

Where do termites hide?

Termites will hide in any concealed area of a property. In your walls, crawl space, below timber decking or in any other inaccessible area of your home. Termites are very crafty. They really don’t like to be found or be exposed to the sunlight. To find out more about Where do termites hide check out or blog post A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites? . Think you have termites? Call (07) 5477 6675 to book a Termite Inspection today.

What can kill termites?

The best way to kill termites is with chemical. A termite barrier can kill termites for up to 8 years. For more information on What can kill termites? Check out or blog post on Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier? or feel free to give us a call or email we would be more than happy to help

Can I spray termites myself?

Spraying for termites yourself is not recommended. If you have an existing termite infestation the property will require professional treatment. To find out more  check out our blog DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control. Call (07) 5477 6675 or email us for a FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate!

Do termites just go away?

Termites just don’t go away. Without a professional termite treatment your just waiting for a termite colony to infest your property. Check out our blog 8 Signs of Termites in Your Home  or feel free to Contact us on (07) 5477 6675 we will be more than happy to help!

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