Do you live in Noosaville and have issues with pests? Then you came to the right place and Safeguard Pest Control is here to help. Our company is in business for 30 years now, serving hundreds of clients all over the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and now we are also available in Noosaville. We can handle all types of infestations and all types of buildings, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial. And we even work with schools, hospitals and other institutions.

Termites can cause damage to homes, furniture and gardens, while rats, mice, flies or mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases that can threaten the life of your family. So if you see any pests in your home you need to take this very seriously and call us right away.

Noosaville is a small town with a population of around 8,000 residents, and it includes the basic amenities found in most small towns of Australia. And since the weather on the Sunshine Coast is great for many pests to thrive, Noosaville too is in danger of getting infested by a multitude of pests that can cause financial damage or health problems.

Pest Control Solutions

Leaving the problem as it is will not make it get solved on its own, and things will only get worse with time. Trying to fix it with some “Do It Yourself” solutions found online will not help either, as these so called “hacks” do not work or only give temporary solutions.

Pests solutions found in stores may work sometimes, but it really depends on the size of the infestation. For example, in order to get rid of a large colony of millions of termites you will need a large quantity of substance, so you might end up paying more than by calling a specialist that knows exactly how to solve the problem.

Our experienced technicians can easily handle any type of pests, and we work with all kinds of buildings. We accept clients of all types, whether you have just a few bugs or a serious termite infestation with millions of insects. We are always up to date with the latest standards and technologies, and our team members are well trained and qualified. Not to mention the fact that the substances we use are regulated and approved, and safe for the environment, for humans and for pets.

Termite Treatments in Noosaville

Termites are very small yet very powerful creatures that can eat 24-7. If not stopped, they can cause serious damage to homes without giving any sign. The estimated economic damage caused by termites is around $336 billion per year worldwide. In Australia alone, the damage is estimated to more than 100 million dollars.

Even though termites are quiet pests that like to destroy in silence, there are plenty of signs that may show their presence. We covered this topic as well as others in multiple articles on our blog.

We will begin by carefully inspecting your property, looking for any signs of termites and finding their nests. Depending on how bad the infestation is and on the particularities of your own home, we will come up with an action plan in order to eliminate them.

We have a wide range of treatment options, that suit all types of homes and all budgets. Our employees are highly trained and skilled, and licensed to perform inspections and treatments. They will also advise you of any open access points where termites might enter in the future, so you can prevent their reappearance.

Our treatments include:

Termite liquid insecticide
Termite foam treatment
Termite dust treatment
Termite barriers
Termite baits

The right treatment depends on multiple factors such as the particularities of your property, the species of termites and their number. The cheapest one will last for less time and a new treatment will be needed in a year or 2, while the most expensive treatment offers the best protection for up to 8 years.

Pest Control Services Noosaville

Over the last 30 years, we had hundreds of satisfied customers all over the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The reviews speak for themselves, and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied too.

Early detection can save you a lot of money, so it’s better to act now than to be sorry later. Book your Safeguard Termite Inspection now by calling 07 5477 6675 or emailing and allow us to protect your greatest asset, your home.

Pest Control Noosaville

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