Help, I've found termites
Help, I found Termites


Okay so if you reading this you may have found termites in your home or garden, Help, I found Termites is a regularly asked question on the Sunshine Coast, termites are quite common so you’re not alone. Termites will attack 1 in 4 homes in Queensland costing  $5 billion in property damage every single year. This is the reason why you’re home and contents insurance will not cover termite damage.

Termites can be found in almost every back yard on the Sunshine Coast just like black ants, but only subterranean, meaning they are always deep beneath the surface waiting to attack.



Step 1 – The very first thing you can do is NOT to disturb them. Do not spray them with any insect spray this will just make matters worse causing them to relocate elsewhere in your home.

Step 2 – Secondly, take a deep breath and relax. Termites wont take over your entire house overnight. It takes time for the little buggers to cause extensive damage (however don’t leave it for more than a week before acting)

Step 3 – Next, if you have opened up the areas termites have been found, try and seal off  the damage made with tape, this is so the termites feel safe and won’t head off into other areas of your home. If you have already tried killing the termites with a spray or DIY treatment don’t worry just don’t disturb them any further. Seal up the damage you have made to block out the sunlight as best you can without causing any more of a disturbance. This will help until we arrive to provide a FREE termite consultation & information on the suitable treatment options.


The reason you have termites is because these pests view your property as a major food source. These critters will feed on any cellulose material such as wood, paper, dead plants, stumps and much more. Termites get the nutrients they need from cellulose and wood makes up the majority of the termite’s diet, so termites will eat these things in orders to maintain a healthy diet and get their much needed cellulose.

Things that attract termites to your home

  • Moisture
  • Poor drainage
  • Stumps & dead trees
  • landscaping timbers
  • Garden Mulch
  • Stored fire wood
  • Trees close to your home

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If you are unsure whether or not the insect you’re seeing or damage you’ve found has been caused by termites, please call us. We can discuss the issues you are experiencing and do our best to understand your problem. We offer FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate or you can even send in some photos to help us identify and determine the nature of you problem. You will find this a convenient service as it will save time, money & stress.


Our FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate service is a termite assemment of your property. We will provide you will a detailed termite treatment plan on how to protect a building from current or potential termite infestation. We will spend time assessing the building’s design, the areas of concern, areas termite activity or damage have been located, the termite species and environmental conditions. Once we have our findings we will provide you with detailed and professional advice explaining what is required and why. We provide all our customers with this information in a detailed termite treatment plan for your reference.

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To achieve the best possible chance of preventing or controlling termites, you need to Contact Safeguard Pest Control today. We have been serving the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years and know how to get the best possible results for your home. We are your local termite control experts. Call (07) 5477 6675 or contact us with any questions.

Popular Questions

How to tell if termites are in my home?

Even if you don’t see signs of termites it doesn’t mean they’re not in you home. The best way to tell if termites are in your home is to have a professional termite inspection completed. You can also check out our blog post 13 Signs You May Have Termites. Call (07) 5477 6675 or contact us with any questions.

Where do termites hide?

Termites will hide in any concealed areas of a property. In your walls, crawl space, below timber decking or in any other inaccessible areas of your home. Termites are very crafty. They really don’t like to be found or be exposed to the sunlight. To find out more about Where do termites hide check out or blog post A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites? . Think you have termites? Call (07) 5477 6675 to book a Termite Inspection today.

What can kill termites?

The best way to kill termites is with chemical. A termite barrier can kill termites for up to 8 years. For more information on What can kill termites? Check out or blog post on Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier? or feel free to give us a call or email we would be more than happy to help

Can I spray termites myself?

Spraying for termites yourself is not recommended. If you have an existing termite infestation the property will require professional treatment. To find out more  check out our blog DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control. Call (07) 5477 6675 or email us for a FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate!

Do termites just go away?

Termites just don’t go away. Without a professional termite treatment your just waiting for a termite colony to infest your property. Check out our blog 8 Signs of Termites in Your Home  or feel free to Contact us on (07) 5477 6675 we will be more than happy to help!

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