Help! Best Rat Prevention Tips When you Have Rodents

Help! Best Rat Prevention Tips When you Have Rodents

Mice and rats may look cute in animations but their presence means stress, chewed furniture, and the worst part is they pee and poo all over your stuff. Therefore, it is important to take the required steps for rat prevention and make your home free from them.

We recommend that you call Safeguard Pest Control for any pest control you require and do not go ahead and do this yourself. However, if you need to undertake something immediately, here are a few tips for rat control.

Eliminate Entry Points

Making your house rodent-proof is the most effective way for rat prevention and to stop rodent infestation from expanding or ever occurring in the first place. Eliminate entry points to defend your home from rodents. This can be difficult as the mouse can squeeze themselves into even a smallest opening. A key to perfect rat control is to check that no crack is left. A good rule of thumb is if you can fit a pencil into a crack, a mouse can get through it.

Set Traps

The next you have to deal with the ones that are left inside your house. Setting traps can be a great trick to rat pest control. Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when setting traps:

  • Choose the right type of trap for rat pest control. Sticky traps are never recommended.
  • Choose the right bait to lure them into the trap. There’s a long list you can try apart from cheese.
  • Where you place the traps is vital. Try laying traps where you think there’s a lot of mouse activity.

Do not Poison Them!

If you’re planning to be a rat terminator and kill them all with poison, drop the idea as they can still crawl away and die. Their dead bodies will lie at hidden areas. Also, the poison can harm other pets and kids as well. No professional rat exterminator will recommend using poison for pest control.

If nothing works and you feel the rats are getting smarter each day, don’t forget to call a professional rat terminator or terminator to get rid of them safely.



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