Termite treatment Process

The Termite Treatment Process and Installation

Safeguard Pest control has now installed over 10,000 termite barrier systems to home and business owners all over the sunshine coast. We understand that if you are given the right information, right advice and options on what termite treatment is best for your home or business you’ll be confident that you have made the correct decision on protecting your home from termites. We’ve put together a video to help homeowners better understand and gain knowledge of what is involved during our termite treatment process.

Watch our Termite treatment Process video

How long is termite treatment good for?

Termite treatments if applied as a liquid soil barrier can prevent termites from entering a building structure for three, five or eight years, this will all depend on the effectiveness of the application and chemical used. You can expect your termite treatment to last up to 8 years when using Termidor and a professional termite treatment company.

Average termite treatment costs

Most of the cost in a termite treatment comes from the extensive labour required to have a termite barrier installed. This will consist of trenching around the perimeter of the structure, drilling small holes through external patios, paths and concrete slabs to have a complete continuous treated zone around your home. The cost to treat a home for termites varies from $1500 to $5000 the price will depend on the type of system installed, construction of the home and size.

How much to install termite bait stations?

Termite Bait system cost $2000 – $4500 this will include 12 months of servicing, baiting and monitoring the termite baiting system. After the first 12 months of servicing the fee is usually $900 – $1100 to maintain the bait stations. Termite baiting systems are designed to be serviced and baited every 4-12 weeks on an annual program.

Termite treatment chemicals for Termite control

There are several types of liquid termiticides used for Termite treatments and Termite control. Termidor is particularly effective against termites and is a termite treatment chemical that is a non-repellent product that is completely undetectable to termites once it has been applied to the soil areas around a structure. Termites unknowingly enter the treated zones where the Termidor modules bind to the termite’s cuticle (a sensitive tissue layer of the skin). Once this occurs the transfer effect takes over that ensure that Termidor is passed around from one termite to another, even if termites have not come directly into contact with the treated soil the treatment can be passed around to the entire colony to gain control.

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