Coronaviris update

We’re Open – Coronavirus update – A Message to Customers

The current situation with Covid-19 is constantly evolving.  Likewise, Safeguard Pest Control is monitoring the situation ensuring we will be able to abide by any advice& recommendations or limitations imposed as quickly as possible.  Safeguard Pest Control understands the delicate situation however we affirm the health and safety of our customers and staff are of utmost importance.

Safeguard Pest Control has so far not experienced any issues at this time however we are fully prepared to activate mandatory quarantine periods for any employees who are unwell.  Similarly, we are also prepared for any government-sanctioned quarantines which may be announced.


In order to adhere to the 1.5-meter personal space for social distancing, we are aiming to minimize contact of shared surfaces and close proximity between persons.  This includes items such as EFTPOS terminals.

We are therefore requesting our clients to pay over the phone at the time of their booking.  

Currently, our services and operations will continue as scheduled.  If for any reason you have any concerns or would like to reschedule your appointment, please contact our office at your earliest convenience on 07 5477 6675 or

Our employees have been closely following social distancing and hygiene recommendations for protecting themselves and our customers.  We are also limiting as much as possible, personal contact of surfaces to minimize possible contamination.  Our service procedures don’t require surface contact by hands.

Safeguard Pest Control would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to anyone who has been impacted by Covid-19.  We will update our customers with any new information as the situation unfolds.

Currently Safeguard Pest Control are following the below precautions to ensure optimum health and safety:

  • Personal Protective Equipment available included but not limited to respirators/face masks, antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers & Gloves
  • Limiting contact with shared surfaces
  • Isolation will be requested for any employee exhibiting flu-like symptoms or who has a household member displaying flu-like symptoms
  • Adhering to the 1.5-meter personal space recommendation
  • Meetings, training and other non-essential gatherings have been cancelled until further notice


I’m worried about anyone entering my home right now. Does the technician have to come inside? 

We understand that during this time of social distancing many people are conscious of being in close proximity of others.  Whilst we would prefer to complete both internal and external services at once for a complete service, we welcome our customers to let us know of their concerns.  In particular, if you or a member of the household is unwell or you have been exposed to anyone who is not well, Safeguard Pest Control would appreciate if you could notify us at your earliest convenience.

Our technicians are equipped with relevant Personal Protective Equipment which combined with keeping the recommended distance from persons can enable the internal service to be completed.  Alternatively, we can provide external pest treatments which may assist in alleviating your pest concerns.

To minimise exposure, we welcome pre-payment for services or paying with a card to minimise unnecessary contact with surfaces.

I’ve had to close my business. Will you still be able to provide service?

Safeguard Pest Control encourages our commercial clients to continue where possible their regular service schedule.

Our team can arrange to treat your commercial premises at a time that suits you.

Safeguard Pest Control is dedicated to working with our commercial clients during this uncertain time – please contact our team with any concerns you may have.

Have you made any changes to my regular residential pest control services?

Safeguard Pest Control aims to continue to deliver the same high-quality service you have come to trust.  Unfortunately, pests are extremely adaptable and ready to establish infestations wherever they are able to.  This can lead to increase in allergies and discomfort for your family.

I’m a new customer. Will you still be able to come do my first service appointment?

Firstly, thank you for choosing Safeguard Pest Control for your pest management needs.  We will gladly help resolve your pest concerns and work with you to tailor a service procedure suitable for your home, family and budget.  We can organise a service time to work into your schedule to accommodate your needs and advise on the longevity of our treatments.

Will I be informed if employees from Safeguard Pest Control who has been to my premises test positive for coronavirus?

Our team at Safeguard Pest Control are family.  We extend our family ethic to our customers and so if one of our staff were to fall ill, we would ensure we contacted anyone who may have been exposed.

Our technicians are taking precautions with extra washing of hands, faces etc after each service in addition to wearing the relevant Personal Protective Wear / Equipment such as face masks/ respirators, eyewear where required, fresh gloves and ensuring regular washing of hands and faces with adequate soap to minimise germs and bacteria.

Rest assured we are taking every precaution to ensure both our technicians and our clients are protected from exposure to each other during our services.

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