Whether you have pest control issues coming from your commercial property’s, body corporate sites, hospital or school, Safeguard Pest Control is able to undertake all your termite control and pest control Coolum needs.

We have a large range of services including integrated pest management programs, termite management programs and so much more, to ensure absolutely no pest is harming you and your family year-round.

We know that pests can cause huge problems and you can potentially lose a lot. With a pest management service, we can guarantee that you will live safely and securely knowing that all of your pest control problems are under control.


Do you suspect you have a pest or termite issue? Or have you found some unwanted pests that need fast effective pest control or termite treatment?

Safeguard Pest control is just one call away. We use all our services the latest in treatment methods and the latest in technology such as fiber optic thermal imaging cameras, moisture instruments, optical devices, borescopes, video scopes, fiberscopes & more.

By using state of the art equipment we conduct thorough and invasive inspections to all areas of your property, We use these tools to locate or identify current or past pest activity. Once we have found your pest activity or activity has been detected we can start a through treatment straight away without any delay.


Are you aware that termites are a constant threat to your home? Safeguard Pest Control are trained explicitly in termite inspections and termite treatments. Commonly you will find termites living in wooden structures, decayed trees, and soil. Termites generally like dark, damp, moist areas that aren’t exposed to much air, termites require a constant moisture source to survive. They form nests in trees, tree stump and even inside the wall of your home.

If your home backs onto or is near natural bushland you are often at an externally high risk of termites invading your home, the termites will leave their natural environment and forage more than 50 meters away from the main nest to find an additional food source.


If you think you may have termites or a termite infestation in your home its best to act fast or as quick as possible. We are specialist in termite control, termite inspections, termite barriers and have been in Coolum for over 30 years, we have helped thousands of  homeowners protect their property’s from termite infestations

We help homeowners with the following termite services


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