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All You Need To Know About Crickets

When you think of crickets, you might think of harmless insects that make those pleasant chirping sounds during the night. But they can actually become pests and cause damage to properties, clothes, carpets and more. Their preferred materials are wool, cotton, silk and synthetics. They feed on the surface and leave the area roughened from pulling the fibres loose. If their number gets out of hand, they can eat large areas of fabric, and that’s why they need to be taken care of.

House crickets get their name from the fact that they live around the houses and often get inside. This species was introduced from Europe and spread all over the world. They have a yellowish brown colour with 3 dark cross bands on the head, 6 legs, wings and a long body shape with long antennae.

They are about ¾ to 7/8 inch in length and their antennae are usually longer than the entire body. Their wings lie flat on their back and the difference between nymphs and adults is that the nymphs don’t have any wings.

What Do House Crickets Eat?

Outside in the nature, they feed with various plants and dead or alive insects, and even other crickets. When they get indoors, they can consume and destroy various fabrics, including clothes and carpets. As mentioned earlier, their favourite foods are wool, cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics. They are mostly attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration. They do not pose a risk to human health and do not bite people, but they can destroy various fabrics in the house.

During the summer and when the weather is warm, they live outdoors and are attracted to garbage dumps. They are more active at night and are attracted by electric lights, and can gather in large numbers on vertical surfaces such as house walls and light poles. Once the cold weather approaches, they begin to seek shelter in homes and sheds because they need warmth and moisture to survive.

Signs of Crickets Infestation

The first and most obvious sign is the presence of these insects in or around the home. And even if you don’t notice the actual crickets, you will definitely hear them. That chirping sound we all know is the sound made by male crickets when they rub their front wings together. This sound is made to attract females, and since these insects are nocturnal, you will mostly hear this sound at night.

So hearing cricket sounds inside or around the home is not only a sign of infestation, but it’s also a sign that they are reproducing. That’s why it is better to take action as soon as possible in order to prevent them from multiplying too fast and too much.

Another obvious sign is finding destroyed clothes or fabrics. If you look at the destroyed materials with a magnifying glass, you could notice the mandible marks that are less than 1 mm wide.

How To Get Rid of House Crickets

If you find a few of them inside the house, then you can use a vacuum to catch them. Also vacuum the infested materials in order to remove their eggs, and afterwards make sure to empty the vacuum bag in a trash can outdoors to prevent them from getting back inside.

In order to prevent crickets, you should reduce areas of moisture inside and around the house. Mow the lawn, weed plant beds and also move woodpiles away from the house. Make sure the basements and crawl spaces are well ventilated, and consider changing outdoor lighting to yellow bulbs that are less attractive or sodium vapour lamps.

Also seal any cracks and crevices that can become entry points for crickets inside the house (including door frames, window frames and holes in masonry). If all of these precaution measures were taken and the crickets infestation got out of hand, then it’s time to call a specialist.

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Get Rid of Crickets Now

If your home or back yard are seriously infested by these insects, then it’s time to call us! Safeguard Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that has been operating since 1989. We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, and can provide you with professional results.
We will begin by inspecting your home and find out where the problem is. We will then come up with an action plan and get you informed about the treatment methods and the costs.

Whether you have issues with crickets, weevils, earwigs, wasps, moths, bees, termites, lawn grubs, mice, rats, geckos, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, silverfish, pantry pests, beetles or ticks, we are here to help!

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