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Pest Prevention: 9 Tips For Staying Pest-Free All Year

Did you know that the average Australian home houses a lot of insect pests? In fact, an average home in Canberra has about 100 species of these bugs. It’s because about 62,000 insect species live in the country, meaning it’s unavoidable that some will find their way into your home.

If you want to have a better home environment, it’s important to prioritize pest prevention. That way, you’ll have a healthier place to stay, especially since lots of these pests can carry diseases. In this guide, you’ll learn how to control pest infestations and other related tips.

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1. Block Pest Entry to Your Home

The first line of defence against common household pests is to make it hard for them to find a viable way of entering your home. Always check your window and door screens for holes and fix them as soon as you find any. Replace the window stripping when it’s too frayed to prevent insects from entering.

Most of all, check your doors and windows for any possible gaps. Seal them up as soon as possible since they’re the main entrance used by these pests.

2. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

When you leave a pile of crumbs on your kitchen counter or floor, ants and other insects get drawn to it. To them, it’s like a treasure trove for these vermin. The simple solution is to keep your kitchen spotless.

That’s why you should wipe your counters, sweep the floors, and put your food away as soon as possible. Also, take the trash out whenever possible. With that, these pests will need to get their food somewhere outside.

3. Get Rid of Still Water

Standing water is one of the most common places for mosquitoes to breed. This presents a health issue to your family since they can carry pathogens like the Ross River virus. Common symptoms include skin rashes and painful or swollen joints.

It’s not hard to miss standing water at times. That’s why you need to regularly walk around your property and check. Check your rain spouts as well as your air conditioning for possible leaks.

4. Maintain Your Yard

If you keep your landscaping clean, you’ll avoid possible overgrowth. It will prevent the growth of a perfect environment for nesting pests. Ensure that nearby bushes and trees get regular trim.

Rake all debris and pull out the weeds by hand. This sounds like a bother, but it’s a worthy contribution to your pest prevention efforts.

5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables as Soon as Possible

When you have fruits and vegetables on your counter, make sure to eat them fast. Don’t let them become overly ripe since it will attract fruit flies into your house. Eliminating these pests is a bothersome task, so make sure to stay vigilant and don’t neglect your fresh produce.

6. Make a Proper Firewood Storage

When storing firewood, make sure to keep it as far away from your home or shed as possible. Otherwise, you’ll give termites a means of accessing your house. As a general rule, the minimum distance should be five feet at least.

Also, make sure to store firewood above the ground. Steel racks are the best for the job. If you haven’t yet, shop for these in your local home improvement stores.

7. Don’t Throw Meat Outside Too Soon

When throwing meat scraps, make sure that your outside garbage won’t stay there for more than two days. This applies to other biodegradable food materials like fruits and vegetables. If it doesn’t get picked up within 48 hours, the rotting meat will attract various types of pests to your yard.

8. Check Outdoor Furniture and Keep Toys Outside

Make regular inspection of your outdoor furniture. This applies to your swing sets, especially their chains and corners. Sometimes, you’ll find spider webs and egg sacks stuck on them.

Make sure to remove them since it will prevent spiders from infesting your yard. Leaving them be will often result in these arachnids finding themselves inside your house.

If you have children, separate their toys into two categories: outside and inside. Once you’re finished, make sure to keep them in their respective places to avoid bringing in pests. If you need to bring them in, give it a thorough wipe beforehand.

9. Get the Help of a Pest Prevention Service

The ultimate way of keeping your home pest-free is to hire a local pest control service. They will come to your house and eliminate both bugs and rodents native to your area. They use sprays that won’t harm you or your family but are lethal to these pests.

Pest control experts can determine your problems and make a plan specific to your situation. With this personalized plan, they will deal with your pest problems permanently. Professional pest control companies will give you more pest protection than what you can without help.

With this, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your home has experts protecting it. But this only applies when you find a reputable company that caters to your needs. A good place to start is to look for online reviews since it gives you an idea of what the company can do for you.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free!

Regardless of the cleanliness of your home, it might still have an infestation hidden somewhere. You can only do so much on your own, especially if you don’t have the right tools to check for nests. The best way for you to keep your home free from pests is to let a pest prevention service inspect your home.

As a general rule, you should let them make maintenance inspections twice per month. The peace of mind it gives will make the money you spend is worth it.

Do you need home pest control services? If so, you can contact us today and we’ll help you solve your pest issues.

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