What types of termite treatments are most effective?

The threat of termites to Australian home owners has been around for quite a while, but so has Safeguard Pest Control.  We are the Sunshine Coast’s leading provider of termite management and termite treatment, and have been operating on the coast since 1989. Three decades later, our expertise is unrivalled, and our consistent customer loyalty speaks for itself. We would love to tell you more about us, but first, let us give you exactly what you came here for; effective termite treatments.  As Safeguard Pest Control we recommend the following effective termite control systems.


Chemical Termite Barrier Treatment

This termite treatment measure is a termite control method that creates a treatment zone around your property that will prevent termites travelling through the soil and up the footings to gain access into the building. This is achieved by digging a trench around the perimeter of the property, drilling small unnoticeable holes through the slabs and external paths of the property then applying a non-repellent termiticide into the soil to achieve a treatment zone.

Trench and Treat

Excavating a trench, treating the exposed trench, backfilling and treating the back-fill is the preferred method of installing a termite barrier. The trench needs to be a minimum of 150 mm wide and continue to at least 50 mm below the top of the footing. Assuming a 150 mm wide trench with a 300 mm distance to the top of the footing, this would equate to a 150 mm x 350 mm trench in which 5.25 L of prepared spray would be applied per lineal meter of the trench. Any variation of dimensions needs to be re-calculated on the basis of applying 100 L of prepared spray per cubic meter of soil.

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Drilling and inject

This method involves drilling holes around, driveway, pathway, porticos, patios and expansion joints drilling into the concrete or tiles, 150mm out from the adjacent external perimeter walls with 200m spaces. When injecting underneath a soil rod is used with a 3 or 4-way multi-directional tip. The tip is inserted down as close to the footing as possible to ensure a complete vertical treated zone apart, 2 L of prepared spray is to be applied per hole. Holes are sealed on completion


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If your property was already infested with termites before the barrier system is put up, termite treatment will be applied to the affected areas first. This is achieved by drilling tiny holes in affected cavity walls and window frames then applying a non-repellent termiticide.  Non-repellent termiticides are effective in eliminating termites as the target is the nest. This is because non-repellent chemicals do not kill the termites on contact, but take up to a period of 8 to 21 days to allow the termites to travel back to the nest to infect and eliminate the entire colony. Termite barrier systems are expected to facilitate termite control on your property for between 5 to 8 years with replenishment. An annual termite inspection is highly recommended so as to ensure the barrier is working as effectively as it should and any fails rectified immediately. For installation of an effective termite barrier system and termite treatment, Sunshine Coast residents need look no further. Call the seasoned experts at Safeguard Pest Control, on 0754 7766 75 today for a free consultation and advice.

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Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting system is very effective in gaining control of a major termite infestation. A termite baiting system is established through the installation of small plastic bait stations around the property. Depending on the size of the property, an average of 24 bait stations should be installed. The bait stations contain wooden inserts, paper, cardboard or other acceptable termite food, once termites have been located in the bait station the application of an insect growth regulator will be applied to the area that destroys the termite’s exoskeleton,  the termites are unable to moult their exoskeletons for new growth and die off and eliminate their active colony.

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How often do termite baiting stations get checked?

Termite baiting systems should be regularly serviced and baited for effective termite control and termite elimination on the property. The recommended time interval is every 4-8 weeks for a 12-month program. Thereafter, annual servicing of the bait system should be carried out.


What sizes are termite bait stations?

The most common size for a termite bait station is 177.8mm Long and 120mm wide but all systems differ in size and shape


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Effective Termite Treatments

Both the termite barrier and termite baiting systems aim at eliminating termites before they can gain access to your property.

These two effective systems vary in terms of costs and suitability for the property. Therefore, you should engage pest control professionals before settling on either termite control system for your property. Call us Today   If you are in search of termite treatment in Sunshine Coast, our Safeguard Pest Control experts are ready to assist you. We will devote our time to address all your areas of concern and evaluate your property then advise on the most suitable termite treatment option for you in line with your budget. Call us today on 07 5477 6675 to speak with one of our experts and get a lasting solution to the termite menace.

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