• Flying Ants or Termites?

    Flying Ants or Termites?

    The termites are the most invasive and destructive pests in the world, causing billions of dollars of damage all over the world. They multiply really fast and a termite queen can lay millions of eggs each year. In… Read more

  • How To Identify Termites?

    How To Identify Termites?

    The termites are silent pests that like to eat in silence, but which can be very destructive if not treated. It is estimated that they are causing economical damage worth of billions of dollars worldwide, and worth… Read more

  • How Do Termites Get Into Your Home?

    How Do Termites Get Into Your Home?

    The termites are considered the most destructive and invasive insects in the world and they are causing worldwide damage worth of billions of dollars each year. If left uncontrolled, they can cause a lot of havoc…. Read more

  • DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control

    DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Termite Control

    Owning a nice home with a yard, a garden and all the bells and whistles can become overwhelming for many people. They have the mortgage, the insurance, the bills, plus all the monthly expenses like food, fuel, kids… Read more

  • Termite Barriers 101

    Termite Barriers 101

    Termites are tiny insects that feed on just about anything that contains cellulose. They might seem small and harmless, but the truth is that they can cause serious damage to homes. Their colony can have millions… Read more

  • Do Termites Eat Hardwood?

    Do Termites Eat Hardwood?

    Termites are the second most numerous insects on Earth, and while they do have their important role in the ecological balance, they feed on almost anything that comes in their way, including people’s homes. They… Read more


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