Termidor Review

Termidor Review-Effectivity, Warranty, Price, Process

The world’s best-performing termite eliminating termiticide, Termidor, has been created. The company, BASF, holds the proud distinction of producing this termiticide which can solve a lot of termite problems.

In the not so distant past, other termite barrier treatments only repel termites on a superficial level because the dodgy termites could be able to detect the non-repellants on the area of the treated soil, and that is the only area where they will not venture into. These wise pests still would find ways to avoid this danger zone or even to go underneath it, in order to be able to reach the confines of your home.

Termidor, however, changed for the better, the face and the direction of the termite control industry. It suddenly became available and accessible for use to professional pest control companies. Termidor is unprecedented as a non-repellent chemical because it lurks as a silent enemy of termites because it is entirely undetectable on the ground.

When Termidor is installed as a termite barrier around your home or building, it becomes an uncompromising invisible blockade in the zone surrounding your property which would upset any invasion plan of termites.

The unknowing termites would then pass through the treated area of the invisible Termidor barrier with the potent ingredient fipronil. The termites get infected within  5 to 18 days after contact, while thousands of their fellow termites travel back throughout the colony. This becomes a heyday of a termite feast as Termidor works through the infected termites and transfers the fatal effect to the others by either grooming or cannibalization.

The unparalleled Transfer Effect of Termidor will eventually result in the eradication of the widespread termite colony in your property.


Safeguard’s installed termite barriers with Termidor will secure your home or building from termite infestation for 8 years. However, Safeguard pest control highly recommends that you let us conduct annual termite inspections as an added security to the 8-year Termidor guarantee to ensure that the termite treated zones are pest-free and not weakened by unforeseen events and conducive conditions.

These are examples of conducive conditions:

  • Moisture. This attracts termites and can be sourced from hot water system drip tubes or aircon system drip tubes dripping on wall edges.
  • Landscaping alterations.
  • Mulch against wall edges or treated areas.
  • Drainage problems.

If any conducive condition is discovered, it should be corrected in order to make the 8-year warranty still applicable,


If Termidor is installed in your property by an accredited pest control company, it is confident enough in its superior quality to guarantee a qualified property with a two million dollar structural warranty. Availing the services of an accredited operator also makes you sure that you do not get an inferior copycat product from China.

Your warranty works through this procedure: When the Termidor termite barrier has been completely installed, all the necessary certifications and batch numbers for the warranty will be issued to you. Within two weeks, the final warranty certificate will be in your possession.

Home and building owners can also register for their warranty through this link here.

Termidor Warranty


The following conditions will determine the price of a Termidor treatment:

  • The home or building construction type
  • The soil type (Soils of the clay variety require more quantity of Termidor to be used)
  • Concrete path areas will have to compute in a different manner because the quantity of soil under the concrete varies.

Termidor pricing for termite treatments is dependent on the area and size that you are treating. The average cost of a termite treatment ranges from $1500 to $5000 for most homes.

  • Termidor ant treatments cost $195 to $300
  • Termidor foam treatments cost $800 to $1200
  • Termidor active nest treatment cost $220 to $500

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Termidor usually takes an average of 5 to 18 days for its superb working power to start affecting the termites to your advantage. This timetable is required for the maximum results of the Transfer Effect to be achieved, and the eventual total eradication of the termite colony.

When the termites are eliminated, future termite colonies which will also try to get forage into the zone will be eliminated by the Termidor treated zone within the prescribed 5 to 18 days. All the members of the termite colonies will not even know what hit them when they are trying to reach the confines of your home because they will be weakened and will fail miserably.


Termidor is also excellent for ant control due again to its Transfer Effect. A fine spray will be applied over the surface of the grass and lawn areas using just the appropriate amount of Termidor to wet the soil. Even when the grass will be cut, the Termidor will still be absorbed in the soil, and the ants will be eliminated.

What happens is the ants will pass through the Termidor treated areas and then they will travel underground to their nests. In due time, ant eradication will happen because of the Transfer Effect.

Termidor ant treatments last approximately 1-3 months depending on the local area and environmental conditions.


Termidor is only available and accessible through accredited pest control operators. The versions that you see online on the internet are not real Termidor. They are black market generic duplicates. You should make sure that the Termidor your installer is using is genuine.

The real Termidor, in order to work correctly, should only be installed by an authorized pest company. The correct application, using specialist tools, pumps, and injection rods, plus the use of the genuine Termidor, will ensure the success of your application in the infected area.

The existing construction design of your home or building is also important for the success of your treatment. The trained technicians at Safeguard have the skills to analyze and determine what homes and buildings (and their soil types) are well suited to the Termidor treatment.


Safeguard Pest Control technicians with specialist equipment and proper training are authorized to install Termidor in a complete and thorough procedure which they routinely do in every installation job.


  • Safeguard Pest Control technicians dig a trench around the perimeter of the property to a depth of 75 mm below the footing.
  • The technicians drill and inject the perimeter tiled areas or concrete areas around the wall edge of the property. At this time, the perimeter areas are ready for the Termidor application.
  • The technicians apply Termidor to the trenched areas with a petrol-powered high pressure/low volume Honda nova pump. The trench areas will have 10 litres of Termidor per meter applied, and the dugout soil will serve as the backfilling to be returned into the trench. While Termidor is being applied, the emulsion will be stirred, making it a completely treated zone.
  • The drill holes in the paths and the driveways which were injected with specialist injection rods will disperse the Termidor effectively and correctly under the path or driveway slabs, making the area around the property evenly treated. Under concrete areas, a high pressure injection will be used to deposit 10 litres of Termidor per meter.
  • For a neat looking finish to the job, small drill holes will be plugged in, using colour matched plugs.
  • The average home has 70 lineal meters, so this will require 700 litres of Termidor to be injected. If the installation goes as planned and is carried out by a Termidor accredited company, the warranty will last for 8 years (with the required annual checkup every year too).


Termidor has a secret formulation with a sure 6 per cent content of fipronil which is the major active ingredient that eradicates the termites. The other 94 percent also makes Termidor so unique and effective that it is unparalleled in its dominance over termite colonies and other pests. Termidor binds and absorbs to the soil much better compared to other products which also contain fipronil. It is the other 94 per cent ingredients in Termidor that makes all the difference. It is only the fipronil that they have in common.

There are farm supply stores which sell products containing fipronil and they claim to be as effective as Termidor. They are not what they claim to be because they are agricultural versions of fipronil and their binding effect to the soil won’t be as effective against termites because their formulation is geared towards the growth of plants and crops.

Any agent or salesman claiming their fipronil product is the same or even surpasses Termidor is giving you false claims. The only thing that is similar with Termidor is the 6 per cent fipronil content, nothing more. The secret 94 per cent formulation of Termidor is what gives it it’s true strength and effectivity for pest control.

As an added warning, DIY pest control is not recommended and highly dangerous.


As an accredited Termidor pest control company for 14 years, we have successfully accomplished over 15000 termite barrier installations using Termidor without a single job failure. We attest to our high customer approval ratings because of our thorough procedure: correct mixing of the product, correct site preparation, and the availability of specialist tools and pumps to apply Termidor and do our job effectively and completely. Jobs worthy of 8 year warranties.

Termidor will always be our product of choice because of its ability to break the entry point of termites. The entry point is the tunnel through which they enter a property through the ground. When the termite barrier treatment is done with trenching and the injecting of 10 litres of Termidor per meter, this will break the entry point of the termites!

We hope this Termidor review have shared with you the information you need.

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