Termite Control: What Is A Termite Barrier?

Termites are a silent intruders that enter your home surreptitiously to feed on and damage the structure, furniture, and other valuable items. These critters move around your house and destroy it slowly while remaining undetectable.

Termites often catch home owners off guard. The damage caused by termites costs Australian home owners millions of dollars every year, so it is important to hire a professional and take preventative measures to protect your home! A chemical termite barrier is an effective way to ensure the safety of your home, and to prevent these pests wreaking havoc on your property.

Let Safeguard Pest Control clear up some questions you may have about termite prevention and control, and help you to make an informed decision about installing a termite barrier at your property.

Let’s begin!

What Is a Termite Barrier?

It is a method used to prevent termites from enter a building (house, office, etc.). Termite barriers are very effective as they create a barrier surrounding the whole perimeter of a building.

All possible entry points are protected with this termite control technique. The barriers block them from entering during their search for a new food source. They will be unable to enter the building in search of a food source, and then are killed by the product used in the barrier.

How Are They Installed?

The exact requirements of each termite barrier may differ because all buildings are constructed differently! Termite prevention and control experts decide this after completing and assessment of the entire building. Our Technicians plan a well structured, plan to manage any infestation at an affordable price.

General techniques used by professional termite exterminators are:

Drilling and Injecting

This termite treatment technique is applied by drilling holes through pavers or concrete and injecting an effective compound into the soil below them. To complete this technique, the holes are plugged with matching coloured plugs or mortar. These drill holes remain neat and tidy after completion and blend into your concrete or pavers.

Reticulation System for Termite Treatment

Reticulation Systems are another technique used by professionals for termite prevention and control. It works by placing a professionally engineered reticulation piping into a trench before replacing the soil. The reticulation system is made with plastic pipes that are perforated with small holes. It is an affordable yet cost-effective method for termite control.

Unfortunately, the market is filled with companies who are not certified or well-experienced. Always hire the best pest control services in your area!

Even though all such techniques used by Safeguard Pest Control are very effective, we still strongly advise you to continue with a regular termite inspection schedule.

Concerned about the vital signs of termite damage in your building? Schedule a service, call us today to get rid of termite menace.