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What Is a Termite Barrier? A Pest Control Guide

The soft banging in the walls. The spare wings gathering in corners and on windowsills. The quickest glimpse of tiny, white visitors marching along the baseboards.

If you’ve experienced a termite infestation before, this will all sound too familiar.

By the time a homeowner notices the signs, termites may have already made themselves comfortable. A home termite infestation can cost a huge sum of money after you factor in damages and repairs. You can prevent this by installing a termite barrier.

The second you think you might have tiny houseguests, the best thing you can do is reach out to a termite control service such as  Safeguard. The professionals at Safeguard can offer an evaluation. But what happens once they’re gone?

If you want to keep termites away for the long term, a barrier will likely be offered as an option.

Are you curious about whether termite barrier treatment is the right termite treatment option for your home? Read on to learn about how it can help protect your property from these malicious pests!

What Is a Termite Barrier?

Safeguard Pest Control offers a Termidor Termite barrier, which is the best termite treatment option for your home. This is because Termidor lasts for eight years, and it only takes about 90 days to eliminate termite colonies.

In essence, Termidor is a subterranean pest control solution. It is a low-toxicity pesticide intended to target and kill termites before they can take up residence in the structures of your home.

A professional will mix Termidor with water and add it to the soil. This will create a domino effect in any visiting termites.

This means that, after exposure to the Termidor solution, termites become “infected.” Termites are social insects, and they will naturally engage in shared grooming and feeding behaviors. During the activities of their daily lives, the infected termites will spread the solution to the other members of the colony.

This has the effect of eliminating an entire colony in a relatively brief period of time. Because the Termidor remains in the soil, any new visitors to your home will also become infected, and the process will begin again.

Is Termidor Safe?

Termidor is a low-toxicity pesticide. That means that it contains enough pesticide to affect termites, but not enough to affect larger wildlife or humans. The active ingredient in Termidor is Fipronil, a common pest control agent used to eliminate many kinds of insects.

Because Termidor will be in the soil outside of your home, you might have concerns about the water supply. By hiring the pest control specialists at Safeguard, you are hiring professionals. They will ensure that there is no contamination.

Inform your pest control professional if your home has a well, cistern, or foundation drain. Your Safeguard professionals will consider these elements when treating the property.

Scientists have extensively studied the pesticides in Termidor. Pesticides are not linked to cancer in humans. The chance of the termite barrier having any effect on humans is unlikely.

Will a Termite Barrier Damage My Home?

The key to effective Termidor treatment is getting the pesticide into the soil or substrate. If the problem has begun in the foundations of your home, this might involve drilling. A small hole will give the pest control specialists access to the soil where the termites are lurking.

There is a great deal of flexibility, however, and not all termite barrier treatments require drilling! A new product, Termidor HE, can protect your home without any effect on its aesthetics. It bonds to material spread throughout the existing soil, which makes it impossible for termites to avoid.

A small amount of drilling is nothing compared to the level of damage that a colony of hungry termites can do. Termites eat wooden structures and leave the paint alone. You might not even notice the destruction before it’s too late.

It’s best to try a proactive treatment like Termidor before your house becomes a pile of toothpicks!

What Pests Will Termidor Control?

The low-toxicity pesticide in the Termidor termite barrier is effective on many different types of insects and pests. That makes it a wonderful investment for anyone worried about other creepy-crawly visitors!

The other insects that Termidor can eliminate include:

  • Ants
  • Darkling beetles
  • Asian Lady beetles
  • Pillbugs
  • Centipedes and millipedes
  • House crickets
  • Silverfish
  • Paper wasps and yellowjackets
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Brown Dog ticks

Termidor termite barriers are an excellent long-term solution for any number of infestations waiting to happen! If you want to keep your home safe and free of pests, it’s an excellent option for all homeowners.

Other Types of Termite Treatments

A termite barrier is only one of several types of termite treatments that you can try. Another example is a termite baiting system.

A baiting system will lure termites in so that professionals can confirm their presence. Once confirmed, the delicious termite treats get replaced with termiticide. When the termites come back to eat, the pesticide will infect them so they can bring it back to the nest.

If you reach out to Safeguard Pest Control, they will consult with you regarding whether a termite barrier or termite baiting system is most appropriate for your property.

Terminate Termites With a Termite Barrier

The best way to ensure that termites don’t begin chomping away at your home is to be proactive. A termite barrier is a great way to protect your home from these destructive critters for a long period of time. Termidor is safe and effective, and you’ll be grateful for the protection!

Are you ready to keep your home safe from pests? Reach out to Safeguard Pest Control in Buddina and Caboolture, QLD. A knowledgeable professional will soon be on their way to consult with you about how to best tackle your pesky problem!