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What Questions Should You Ask Pest Control Services on the Phone?

Do you see cockroaches around the house despite using all kinds of insect sprays? Are there rats running around your kitchen at night? If you do, you’re likely facing a pest infestation problem.

Interestingly, many kinds of pests can invade a home. Apart from roaches and rodents, there are flies, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. These pests can cause all sorts of problems once things get out of hand.

You’ll need effective pest control services at the ready to help you sort these out.

When searching for pest control providers, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right team. You’ll need to ask the right questions first before signing any contract. Continue reading below for the most important questions to ask an exterminator over the phone.

1. How Much Experience Do Your Technicians Have?

Experience is one of the foundations behind effective pest control services. You need to ask how much training and experience do they have.

Pest extermination is a tall order considering the hazards that come with the job. Aside from possibly getting in close contact with the pests, the technicians will also handle various pest control materials.

They need to have the proper tools and the right knowledge to ensure safety during the pest control process. Thus, it’s best to hire pest control services with extensive industry experience.

Additionally, ask for their accreditation and certifications. Do they have accreditations as applicators of some of the leading anti-pest products? Do they come with an eco-friendly seal of approval?

These will help you get the best experience from their service. Since pest control happens in a large-scale manner, eco-friendly services ensure that your lawn doesn’t get affected by toxic fumes.

2. Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

Aside from experience, you need to ask if the exterminators have the license to perform the job. If their answer is no, then you move to the next company on your shortlist.

A pest control company that has a license means they comply with the regulations in the area. This means they abide by existing safety practices. They also follow proper application methods, as well as cleaning protocols.

Also, a company that comes with insurance gives you that valuable protection. Since accidents can happen anytime, you want insurance to cover these unforeseen events.

Some of these insurances include general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. General liability insurance covers physical risks like injuries and such. Professional liability insurance is for abstract risks like how their chemicals affect long-term living situations.

3. Do You Have Online Testimonials and Reviews?

You also need to ask where you can find testimonials coming from their previous clients. This will give you an idea about what to expect should you hire a particular pest control expert.

A reputable company should have a section on their website for customer feedback. You may also find some that have testimonial videos.

A trusted exterminator should have an “Excellent” rating as far as customer reviews go. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask for customer references.

4. Do You Offer and Honor Estimates and Quotes?

Another important question to ask involves quotes. Does the company provide a written one? If so, are they willing to stand by what is in the estimate?

There are unscrupulous companies who try to dupe their clients through the quotes. These companies find ways to hide certain charges within the quotes. In turn, the customers end up paying more than what the estimates initially indicated.

Thus, you must find a company that offers a free estimate and same-day inspection of your property. You need to hire an exterminator who is transparent when it comes to all the charges.

5. How Do You Determine the Treatments You Need?

With the recent spike in pest problems in Australia, it is crucial to hire an exterminator with effective pest control services. You don’t want to be wasting money on something that will not eliminate the infestation effectively.

Ask the company how they determine the kind of treatments they will use. A reputable exterminator should explain to you the kind of pests that are infesting your home.

They should tell you the extent of the infestation and how long it will take for them to end it. They should also answer questions like “will the pests ever come back?” or “what can I do to keep them from coming back?”

6. Are Your Services Safe for Pets, Plants, and People?

Since safety is paramount, you want to ask if the treatments and solutions they will use are safe. Find out if their services are safe for people, pets, and plants.

It is wise to hire a company that uses safe and eco-friendly solutions. Ask if they passed the Food Safety Certification of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Australia. If so, this means they are using treatments that feature safe materials.

7. Will You Determine the Root of the Problem?

You also need to ask if the exterminator is capable of identifying the root cause of the infestation. Yes, a company may have the most effective pest control products, but if it fails to address the root of the problem, the pests will come back and terrorize you again.

A topnotch exterminator understands how the pests breed. He should also know where the pests love to hide and multiply. They also know the elements that attract pests and keep them coming back.

If they know how to identify the root of the problem, they can use the best possible treatment to end the infestation for good.

8. Do We Need to Leave the House During the Treatment?

The length of the treatments varies depending on the severity of the infestation. Thus, ask the company how long the treatments will last. Ask if you need to move to a different location for the duration of the extermination.

Keep in mind that a trusted exterminator will not compromise your family’s safety.

Experience Topnotch Pest Control Services Today

By asking the right questions, you can find pest control services that will give the best value for your money. If time is not on your side, though, you can end your search for an exterminator right here, today.

We offer the best pest control services for different kinds of infestations. Connect with us today and request a free estimate. Take the first step and say goodbye to your pest problems.

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