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7 Signs You May Have a Termite Infestation in Your House

Are you noticing the sudden appearance of wood blisters in your house?

Termite infestation is the bane of homes and businesses. Termites can cause water damages, but they’re most known for destroying homes. They even cause over $100 Million worth of home damages in the Australia  every year.

Termite infestations happen mostly during Spring, but they won’t start causing damages until Autumn rolls around. You may notice that some strange things are going on with the wood in your home during that time.

Do you suspect that you might have an infestation growing on your property? It will cost you a fortune in repairs if you catch them too late. Here’s a guide to helping you look for the seven signs of termite infestation.

1. Hearing Hollow Sounds on the Wood

Termites prefer to eat all types of wood and will raze through them if given a chance. You may not even notice it at first as they keep themselves hidden inside the wood. You’ll only notice it when you knock on one of them and hear a hollow sound.

When you notice the hollow sounds from your wood, you’re already too late. Termites eat from the inside going out. Hearing hollow sounds now means that they’ve already gone through most of the timber inside.

There’s not much you can do to prevent this. You’ll even likely discover that this is the case by accident. Vacuuming the floor and having the wood tear off from the suction alone is how most people find out.


2. Broken or Deformed Wooden Furniture

An easy way to tell whether you have termites in your home is by seeing damages on your wooden furniture. If you notice holes or deformations on your wood, it’s best to assume the worst and suspect a termite nest residing within.

Start by checking all the wooden furniture in your house. If you notice that some have some moisture around them, there may be termites infesting them. This is because termites bring in and produce lots of moisture while burrowing through the wood.

You can also lift your wooden furniture if they’re small enough to handle. Check the weight to see if it became lighter. The absence of timber in it is sure to make it lighter than it was before.

Most of the time, termites live in your window sills or door frames. This causes them to become deformed due to their activities. It can cause your doors or windows to become much harder to close or even move.

3. Sudden Appearance of Muddy Tubes

If you notice muddy tubes along your walls and floor, it can be because termites made them. This is their main method of transport going inside and out of your house. They take this mud from your lawn or your garden.

Termites often build these tunnels in dark areas of your home. The basement entrance leading up to the rest of your house is a common place for them to make these. This makes it important to inspect your garden and get rid of any termites you see there.

These tunnels are brown and can measure 10 to 50 millimeters wide. This is part of why it’s hard to spot them and avoid the early stages of termite infestations. If you spot these tubes, though, it’s safe to assume that you have an infestation on hand and call the professionals to deal with them.

4. Head Banging and Quiet Clicking Sounds

Quiet clicking sounds coming from the walls or floor are also a sign of termites. The quiet clicking is the sound that termites produce when eating wood.

The headbanging sound is what soldier termites produce as a sign of danger. They will bang their heads against the wood and shake their bodies, making sure the colony flees. The next time you hear the clicking, take a look at the area for the other signs mentioned.

5. Dirt and Sand in Your Home

Termites use soil and other materials to build their nests and tunnels. If you find random dirt piles in your home, it means that they’ve invaded your home far enough to start building their tunnels and nests inside.

If this is the case, then you can also assume that they’ve made a tunnel network around and underneath your home. These can be up to 20 feet wide and can house tons of termites.

Getting rid of them by yourself will be impossible at this point. Your only option will be going with termite tenting. Fumes from tenting penetrate deep enough to kill any termite within your home, even through the wood.

6. Termite Discards

Like all insects, termites shed their wings when they’re not useful anymore, and create droppings. You can spot them on the surfaces of the tubules they made. Discarded wings fall from the cracks, soil, or from structural wood that they’re living.

Termites like to keep the tube holes clean for fast travel. They push their excrements out of the openings, making it look like sawdust. Drywood termites do this more often than other species, leaving behind a bigger mess at the entrance of their tunnels.

Flying termites discard their wings after finding a mate. What do flying termites look like? They’re the thin, brown insects with transparent wings that often fly towards any light sources in your home.

7. Nests In the Trees

Not all termite colonies live within your home. Sometimes, you can find their hives and nests outside of your home.

Check all the trees near your home. If you spot any holes or shavings on them, it could be a sign of termite activity. Look around the base of the tree and use a shovel to poke at its roots.

Never ignore an outdoor infestation as they can still pose a threat. A damaged tree can fall on your house, the backyard, or your garden. After which, they can move into your home and cause more damage.

Prevent a Termite Infestation In Your House Today

Termites are among the most destructive pests in a household. Make sure your house isn’t becoming a victim with the help of the guide above. Use it to spot the signs of termite infestation and have professionals handle the problem as soon as possible!

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  • Mats Wolff
    2 years ago

    My backyard has a lot of termites recently and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Its interesting when you said that termites use soil and other materials to build their nests and tunnels. I will need to speak to a professional so that they can help me get rid of my pest control problem. Thanks for the article!

  • Mats Wolff
    2 years ago

    Its interesting when you said that termites usually dwell in your window sills or door frames. I want to hire a pest control service as there is an alarming amount of termites in my house these days. I will need to speak to a professional so that they can help me get rid of my pest control problem. Thanks for the article!

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