• Do Termites Eat Hardwood?

    Do Termites Eat Hardwood?

    Termites are the second most numerous insects on Earth, and while they do have their important role in the ecological balance, they feed on almost anything that comes in their way, including people’s homes. They… Read more

  • A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites?

    A Mystery Behind Your Walls – Could There Be Termites?

    Have you been experiencing something strange with your walls and other wooden fixtures? If so, you may have termites in the house. Now, there are different signs that you can check for to confirm if you have termite… Read more

  • Summer Pest Inspection

    Summer Pest Inspection

    Have you organised you summer pest inspection yet? With first hand experience and extensive local knowledge, we have been undertaking general and specialised pest inspections, and building inspections on the Sunshine… Read more

  • Termite Prevention

    Termite Prevention

    Protection or precaution is the most effective form of termite protection in any instance. Homeowners regard their property as their single biggest investment, however most people are unaware that most insurance… Read more

  • Signs of Termite Damage

    Signs of Termite Damage

    Unfortunately, unless you know the signs of termite damage it might not be until there is significant structural damage to your home. If your home isn’t equipped with adequate termite prevention methods, then it… Read more



    Protecting your home with the most effective termite treatment is imperative to avoid irreparable damage. Termites have a very social nature; therefore, it is easy to see how quickly they can colonise, settling into… Read more

  • Termites


    Don’t let termites take over your home, proactive precaution is the most effective form of pest control and Safeguard Pest Control have the Sunshine Coasts’ best treatments available. Now, you can stop worrying… Read more



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