TERMIDOR HE (High efficiency)

Termidor HE is an improvement on the original Termidor product that has been highly successful and effective for over 17 years. Both Termidor HE plus its trendsetter Termidor are BASF products, a leading company in termite control with over a decade of experience getting rid of termites


Termidor HE is an improvement on Termidor, the original product, and shares a single basic working structure except for some upgrades in its chemical composition. Basf did some research using cutting edge technology to develop a better and more efficient product. Termidor HE.

After protecting over 5000 customer’s property with Termidor for over a decade, we’re delighted to give our customers a new, efficient, and better product. Termidor HE is approved for use by Safeguards pest extermination technicians.


How Does a Termidor HE Termite Treatment Work?

Termidor HE’s design uses a different termite control approach as compared to other pest control products. Termidor HE works by being 100% undetectable to termites. The termites cannot detect Termidor HE’s chemical formula. When you use Termidor HE to put a protective perimeter around your property, you create a toxic chemical environment for termites. Since they cannot detect and move around the edge, they instead unwittingly contaminate themselves by contacting or ingesting the poison, and they die. Some of them manage to get back to the nest where they get in contact with the rest of the colony, effectively exterminating the entire termite population.


The effectiveness of Termidor HE’s new and improved formula

A bigger protective barrier


Termidor HE is an improvement that increases the soil’s saturation levels allowing for a more significant and even dispersion of the chemicals. Doing

this creates a protective barrier between your property and the termites, which means that your defensive zone is bigger, evenly saturated with the active chemicals, and at the same time, more effective.


Fast and more effective application


Termidor HE’s new formula allows you to pump it more quickly and effectively with less hassle than other brands. The drill holes and spacing for tiles or concrete when you needed to create a termite barrier, for instance, was about 200mm for the first Termidor. However, when you use Termidor HE, the spacing can be increased to 450mm, making the whole process easier, faster to complete, and cause less damage to the tiles and concrete.

Wider intervals also offer many options when drilling holes. The exterminator could drill the holes on the grout instead of drilling on the tiles to minimize damages. It also makes it easier for the exterminators to make better finishes, especially around air conditioning and hot water systems.


How long does the protection last?


Termidor HE’s protection barrier lasts for eight years if it is applied by an accredited professional. It’s fail-proof and provides complete, reliable protection for your property The product’s design is to destroy entire termite colonies and not individual pests like other commercial products, which is why Termidor is superior to other brands. It has risen to become the number one go-to pest control option on the market today.

The new Termidor HE’s formula has its basis from BASF’s original Termidor formula; however, it has some added improvements that make it far better than the original, guaranteeing ultimate protection from termites.

Termites and many other insects can detect the soil’s chemical compositions, which helps them avoid contaminated areas with toxic chemicals that may kill them.


Product safety


Termidor’s principal active ingredient is fipronil. This chemical has a low hazard classification meaning that it’s not harmful to people and animals. It is, therefore, safe to use around places that have children, pets, and animals. However, you should make sure that you use the services of a trained and licensed professional who knows their way around the product’s safety and application instructions.

It will also be best for you to keep children and pets out of the way while applying the pesticide around the property.


Is it possible for you to apply the pesticide by yourself?


Applying Termidor HE is better left to professional as with any other types of potentially toxic chemicals. You may feel the need to cut costs and save some money in the process, but I can give you four reasons why you should leave it to the professionals.

  1. The people designated to apply the pesticide around your property are licensed and, most importantly, trained to do what they do use specified equipment meant for the tasks.


  1. The product’s application ration is 10 litres per 1 meter, which means that if your property’s perimeter is about 60 meters in circumference, then the number of litres of the Termidor HE product needed is 600 litres. Dealing with such a massive volume of pesticides can be challenging for you, but we can handle it easily.


  1. Buying Termidor HE will require you to have a termite license. If you want to buy some from the internet, you should probably know that most products sold there are counterfeit and will not guarantee the same results.


  1. You may also not have the necessary equipment such as injection rods and high-pressure pumps to apply the pesticide around the desired perimeter.

Why would you choose Termidor HE?


Termidor is world-renowned as the leading, most effective termiticide the world over. Therefore, it makes an excellent logical sense that you should try it for yourself and enjoy the results! Here is a list of five reasons why you should go with Termidor as your number one termite control pesticide.

  1. It quickly saturates and penetrates deeper into the soil as compared to other commercial termiticides.


  1. It’s quick to apply because of its efficiency. You’ll need to do it once, and you’ll be great for about another eight years.


  1. It works quickly and can destroy a colony of termites in a short time.


  1. It is safe to use around children and pets.


  1. You use less water during the application process, which saves you some cash.


The Termidor HE Warranty


Termidor HE has a warranty of up to $2M for your property, which also guarantees exposed slabs if they’ve been treated by our licensed professionals using Termidor products.



For a free onsite evaluation and quotation (with no obligation required) for Termidor HE treatment, please contact us!

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