Signs of Termite Damage

Unfortunately, unless you know the signs of termite damage it might not be evident until there is significant structural damage to your home. If your home isn’t equipped with adequate termite prevention methods, then it is helpful to understand a few of the tell-tale signs. It’s true, there is still a lot to be discovered about termites, but the more knowledge you have, the sooner you can call the experts in to prevent damage to your home.

One of the first signs you may notice is the presence of flying termites. These are termites that have left the nest to find a mate and establish a new colony. It might pay to do your own inspection if you keep seeing them around. Another sign you may have a nest close-by are discarded wings. Shortly after they find a mate, your flying termites will discard their wings and start to grow their colony.

Another sign to look out for are tightly closed doors and windows. Termites produce moisture when they feast and tunnel through timber structures which causes the timber to warp and swell. They will usually consume to timber structures from the inside out. This leaves networks of tunnels through your frames and weakens these structures. Safeguard Pest Control have the best technology for detecting these areas in your home, so if you notice there is a hollow sounding spot it might be time to book an inspection by a professional.

There is also the possibility that your home has subterranean termites. These little guys prefer the underground living spaces, but can still cause damage to your home and garden. Safeguard use thermal imaging to locate moisture intrusion and termite activity without damaging your home. If you see any signs of termites around your home, you need to detect and treat an infestation before it is too late. Contact Safeguard Pest Control today to organise your inspection.

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